Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new piece of fanart

Well, it's time to make a post about one thing, my very own art, and this time, I've decided to showcase my recent and possibly most successful of all the ones I've done in my lifetime. And that would be: *drumroll*

If anyone doesn't know who this is, this is Neku Sakuraba, the main protagonist from the 2007-08 RPG known as The World Ends with You. Shouldn't be any harder to explain than that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What to expect from me in the future.

Hey. I just thought I should write some detailed info here, because I'm getting bored. If you are reading this, congrats, because I hardly get any views here.

Well, everyone should know I do have plans to create games. None of them, (and I repeat, none.) have gotten past the concept stage, so in other words, development hasn't started yet on any of them. So please do not jump on the ban-wagon until I provide some preview screenshots and videos.

I generally have plans to create original games (i.e. Aozora Jitsuwa) that are somewhat based on and will be treated as tributes to other games, like Super Mario and Mega Man.

Alongside that, I also would like to remake older games (mostly obscure puzzle games), such as Diamonds, Fire 'n Ice, Pajama Sam's Sock Works, Jumpman, and Armadillo. This series of fan- remakes will be titled the "REVIVAL!!" project, featuring new elements, new levels, and more. Just for the heck of it, here's a preview of the Diamonds remake, showing a sample sprite sheet.
DiamondsBlocks.png picture by Superjustinbros
And I should also mention, Since Pajama Sam's Sock Works is more of a little kid's game. (aimed at 3-8 year olds), I will be removing all references (but still give credit) to Humongous' different series. Instead, It'll be themed after my own series, Aozora Jitsuwa.

And since we're here, why not I show a preview of that game too?
AozoraJitsuwasFactoryMainSprites.png picture by Superjustinbros

Aside from the games, I also have plans to construct several of my own sites. One which will be an official Aozora Jitsuwa site, both in English and Japanese language, (I'll need some help with the Japanese, though!) a site where I'll provide in-depth information on all the games I happen to own or played in my lifetime, and a main HUB site that will link to those two sites, as well as this blog.

Well, that's all for now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some few words.

Hey everyone. I just thought I should write something decent on my blog. Normally, I don't write much here because this blog lacks the popularity of my deviantART account. I expect to maybe get some more comments and followers here once I make a game/upload something that's an actual video on Youtube. Regardless, It'll probably be a long time before this blog gets the same amount of attention as my dA.

First off, I e-mailed [erka:es], the doujin circle responsible for the Rosenkreuzstilette series, to see if I could get one last shot at apologizing to them. I didn't e-mail them through the site's "MAIL" section, I did it through the e-mail address attached in the manual attached to the game. As of this moment, they have yet to send a reply and/or accept the apology, but I'll give it a couple of weeks. And if they don't, I'll just have to throw in the towel and accept the fact [erka:es] does not like me, despite the fact I consider myself as a very big fan of their series, even though some would disagree. /(-_-)\

And now that we got that aside, let's move on. Well, Believe it or not, there is this one kid in my gym class who is a grade lower than me is pretty annoying towards me, and to this date, no matter what I try to do or say to him, I can't get him to act nicely or get a change in heart. And it's not just me, he refers to half of the students in his class as "stupid" or "idiots" and even told me "you need help" as if I'm a person with a very low I.Q.. Just to let you all know, I have great grades in my school, as I received a 95% average in my math class. So how can a person described as "retarded" get an average that high? And if that wasn't enough, this boy also thinks he can defeat me in a fight, even though he is smaller and much weaker than me. I'm not going to specify what his name, appearance and other stuff is like.

I'll conclude this update here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

For those of you concerned,...

No. I haven't given up drawing. It's just that as I have many other things I want to do besides draw fanart, I haven't been able to complete many in the past few weeks. To word it simply, I'm not stopping or quitting art, but I'm quite busy. At least some of you should be proud of the fact I'm not uploading something every day, which was one major problem that a good number had with me. Everything back then was rushed, making them look terrible. But now they're not as rushed as they were. I put a bit more time and effort in my artwork, which explains why everything looks more detailed and superior to my old stuff. I know by heart it will probably take a long time for me before I "nearly" perfect my art, but we'll see what happens.

And for the haters, please drop those grudges you may have against me. You have no reason to hate and/or ignore me anymore, even if you dislike my artwork. If you were a victim of my terrible troll-like attitude, I made a full-length apology a while ago stating my changes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Salary Man Champ Tatakau Salary Man, an Unknown Japanese Game

Look at this. I actually tried chopping off characters from the back of a Japanese Playstation Game.
SalaryMan.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
^not my art.

Who are these three men? They're the main characters from Salary Man Champ Tatakau Salary Man, a Japanese game originally released in 2000 by Success and Konami. (the later famous for the Castlevania series) for the Playstation. (and after further research, arcades.) It's a "minigame compilation" where these three men compete in several minigames very much like in Mario Party, to prove who's the best.
Don't believe me? here's a TAS that shows the entire game.

This is not my video. I'm just showcasing the only gameplay video that is currently up on Youtube.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hello everyone. Since tomorrow is Easter, in my area, I should make a small update.

First off, I have been given permission to re-join a popular Mega Man fansite known as Rockman Perfect Memories, after I was previously banned late July 2009. The first day went a little rough, so because of that, I would only be replying to existing posts until I became more used to the system, and from there I would create my own topics. Overall, this alone is causing me to get slightly interested in the series again. Not long before I download and try out Mega Man 10. (well, my Wii's memory is running very low, unfortunately.)

About my SMW Hack. It is true it is longer available for download. Work has begun on a newer version which will feature newer content. If you are however, still interested in playing the first version of the hack, shoot me an email, and I'll send you the IPS patch.