Friday, July 15, 2011

Download the entire 3D Maze Man series right now!

Thanks to Youtuber BoulderDasher54, you can now download the complete quadrilogy of Pac-Man(ia) clones from game developer Webfoot Technologies, Inc.

So yea, Guess you can say "the wait for the revival of these classics is finally over", and not only can you get the original 3D Maze Man, but also the ten-level Christmas edition, the twenty-level gender swap version, and the nature-themed one starring a frog instead of Maze Man. And better yet? These versions are totally safe; No stupid viruses or malware to go insane over.

Below, you can find the links.

Other things to note in order to get the games to run...

*You may need to run the game in compatibly mode for Windows 95/98/Me and in 640 x 480 screen resolution.
*You need to have a version of DirectX that is at least v5.0 but no higher than v9. (Haven't really checked otherwise if it works on versions higher than 9)

Otherwise, go pac-it, and if you like, support Webfoot by buying their current products.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Justin? How do you get to the Hard World in XXXX?

Well yea, we're back to the crummy topic of Super Mario Bros. hacking. To say what? Well to give out one hell of a secret in the romhack known as XXXX.

Apparently this is a response of sorts to YouTuber vhernandez2121, whom has ran into trouble trying to reach this oh-so called "Hard Stage." This isn't a mockery thing; I'm only trying to help someone. See his video for yourselves.

Below you can download the walkthrough image I have prepared...
...Obviously since Blogger and Photobucket won't do it in full resolution.

And since we're on the topic, here's the latest release of Mario Hack Series Recordings. All fresh and loaded with brand new songs plus some classics from the previous collection.