Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another update...

Well, diddle-do everyone, look who decided to log on today and write up some shite.

As for my life thus far... not so well. Though every once in a while something worthwhile will pop up, mostly it's nothing but well;.. nothing. I am working on some artwork (Toshi from my own series, Aozora's Adventure to be exact) and have recently commissioned or are in the process of commissioning several great talents on deviantART. I've also been spending some time on Farmville, unfortunately because I have nothing to do. And since my neighbor list is lacking, I haven't been able to do much in terms of receiving rare items and so forth. If you guys do have a Farmville profile and want to be neighbors with me, just go to the link to my Facebook page below, shoot me a friend request (be sure to specify that you came from here, otherwise I may reject it), wait for me to accept it, then fire a neighbor request right back, and bang, you're there.

Now let's focus on other things. For starters, if you've been to deviantART since last week and checked my journal, you probably saw that my somewhat sheer friendship with ViperAcidZX was shattered due to me joking around with him on his birthday. And as such, he has blocked me from all interaction with him on pretty much every site that both of us have an account on. The day later I tried resolving the issue by writing up a long-ass journal in hopes that Viper may stumble upon it. It's a little harsh here and there, but as with how he has treated me throughout my career as an amateur artist, I'd consider it "karma" to him. Since the topic has spread on for about a week, I've taken better matters that me, my friends, and my fans don't get concerned about the situation. Hopefully one way or another, Viper will realize that I'm not the only d*che around here, but for now, we'll see where things go in the end.

Second, I'd like to talk about me, myself and I. Once again, I apologize for my excessive lack of activity on deviantART or any other site I'm a member of. It's just as you may know, I like to do other things besides drawing, whenever it's going out with my family, pending time playing video games, and even browsing the world-wide-web. My life isn't just deviantART. I'd love to have something new every three days or so, but with how things are going, it seems as if it will be a while before I can accelerate on my work basis. Until then, keep patient everyone. I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

So that's it for now. As a bonus, I'd like to present you with the current collection of Mario Hacks Series Recordings, now loaded with music from nineteen different Super Mario Bros. hacks.