Saturday, March 24, 2012


If One Piece was your son, then None Piece is the abandoned twin on drugs to the point of brain meltdowns.

Done by purpleeyeswtf, None Piece is a fandub of One Piece that abridges it and opts an emphasis on comedy than actual plot. And trust me, it works. The voices are grand and fit with the characters, and I love the random gun and explosion sound effects and whatnot crammed in. It currently spans 4 episodes at the time I'm writing this, visible below:

I just <3 Luffy's voice and actions. Sounds like something I'd make one of my characters do. And no that is not a form of negative speech, just giving out my thoughts. ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

In my eyes, a Dragon will rush in the fields.

Back already fellahs, and hello St. Patrick's Day. I hope none of you got drunk and wasted to the point where you passed out trying to have a "mouth evacuation" at the toilet.

But anyways, the subject of this post will be about an obscure Chinese clone of a particular speedy game with a blue hedgehog and a two-tailed fox. And that is Speedy Dragon. I know it's also referred to on some occasions as Sonic Dragon but I dun see no Sonics. And sadly it's even rarer than most bootleg games because for one, it came out on a system only released in China (the Super A'Chan, released in 1995 with like only 12 games released for the system), and the console in question never got it's own emulator (there is MESS but I'm not going to suffocate myself trying to get it to run, let alone find the stinking ROM.)

And questioning from the title, you'd think this'd feature a dragon as the main character. Ernt wrong. You actually play as an asian teenager with an attitude (a trademark of Sonic) and super speed. Unlike Sonic, you actually are armed with a weapon; a green baseball bat that you whack enemies with rather than jumping on/into them. Your character actually never enters "ball mode" unless traveling through tubes or cannons, and picks up baseballs instead of rings (you lose 10 per hit as apposed to all possessed, but you cannot pick up dropped baseballs). Special Stages also exist in the form of ones seen from the Game Gear title Sonic Blast.

Here's gameplay footage from dhgHunter, where you get to see our casually-clad hero murder the Mighty Eagle and get assaulted by millions of stones:

So where the hell did I get the concept to do this post? Dig this:
This is a modified version of the main protagonist in Speedy Dragon (yes the modification is by me, who else would like and take him to the next level) that makes his colors less eye-grating with darker pants and hair, brighter skin, a wristband and small finger-bands, and exchange his green bat for a steel one for maximum damage (and to prove this isn't kiddy stuff, blood stains.) I also gave him the name De Lun because duperty do: Dragon begins with D.

I'm also thinking of inserting him into my OC series Aozora's Adventure as a guest character and playable in the spinoff titles. His planned inclusion will be like Anizawa Meito's if I ever can get the rights for him from Animate to be a major side-character, though De Lun would be more of a friend to Aozora than a rival character that likes Aozora with a vengeance (not in a sexual way, pervs). I'm guessing AV Artisan (the team behind Speedy Dragon) is now defunct so if I tried to insert my enhanced De Lun, I shouldn't be met with an unfair cease and desist, even if I'm not using him for any profit, like I've said a million times by now.

I should also mention that I am encountering some issues with finalizing Bleach Pac-Man, so all I ask for all you followers is just to continue being patient. Otherwise, I bid you farewell.