Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Too Much Karting

I think it's pretty obvious by now that I latched onto Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart for all the time since it came out. Though I've stopped playing online due to various circumstances I'd rather not get into, I'm still working in the background on custom racers to fill some stat blocks that aren't occupied by the base roster and what stat combinations aren't occupied by it.

Last month I released Wayne, the main protagonist of Hylics 2, after having started on it last August and afterwards getting sidetracked by both re-making my OC's (with more to come) and well, you know the other thing that happened around the time. What drove me to finish him earlier than I had thought was the occasional response/message on Discord of people looking forward to seeing him done (and to those that did, thanks for the motivation). Even then I still have five, maybe six other racers on the agenda, and maybe a few others on the backlot that I started on or am waiting until I complete a few more main racers before I tackle them proper. Recently I decided to get back into the swing of doing art since I've been sitting off doing it since late 2019, and since I've been feeling burnout and the desire to do something else (including character bios) I decided to take another break from making kart racers. Whenever it's a full break or a semi-hiatus, I don't know.

Now you're wondering, what the heck else do I have for this game? Well I had to significantly scale back my plans following the hard drive failure and the realization that eventually I need to do something else, including maybe gamedev stuff at long last, so I trimmed down the list of characters on the agenda so there's a chance I'll be able to call myself done with SRB2Kart when it comes to new racers.

  • Berecca and Van, from Ninjala, are still the next in the queue, and with the decision to redo their hair so I can pump more detail into them, they'll understandably take a little more time than I initially thought including their signpost arts (I seem to struggle with them especially but I'll think of something). Stats-wise I'm sort of torn on making both of them focused on raw speed, so there's a chance one of them could be focused on acceleration and take the 2 speed, 4 weight slot meant for another racer that I plan to make sometime after as a "special send-off" to Version 1 barring character remakes and touchups.
  • Solid Snake and Raiden, from the Metal Gear Solid series, are the other main duo for the pack that I've wanted to get to since at least early 2019 and you all likely know by now from previous update posts about Kart. These two are by far my biggest reasons for wanting to cut a lot of my further ideas for Kart and since they're both reasonably detailed and would almost reach up to Dr. Dude in height, I'd like to get every other major racer done before moving onto these two so I can pool what's left of my time with V1 into them (and if they bleed into V2, no big deal).
  • Gil from Tower of Druaga is the only other significant racer that I want to get out for v1 and are comfortable with mentioning here. He's about 45% done with the base head fully drawn out, but lack of feedback on him especially compared to Wayne led to him being saved for later, and then when Wayne was done I didn't exactly have it on me to resume him at that moment.
  • Roger, Zax, and Tan-Tan are still planned for V1 and they'll be worked on alongside other racers- Roger's wings will finally be implemented into his sprites and Zax will get a more robotic-looking (and rather large) arm on his left arm among a few other minor details to put in some more detail.
Of course the rest is TBD but at this rate consider these plus a few remakes down the line and some other surprise additions. V2 prep is also being considered (as in, the new palette and lookback frames- the new kart body isn't available until it does release) but not a priority.