Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Convention update- May and June 2018

Hey there. This month is gonna be busy for me since I'll be attending two cons in the Long Island and New York area back to back.

On May 19th, I will be at Castle Point Anime Convention 2018 at the Meadowlands Exhibition Center in New Jersey for pretty much the whole day. The next day, on May 20th, I will be at EMcon's Animefest 2018 at the East Meadow Public Library in East Meadow, NY for as much as I can last there.

June 2018 will have a similar (though not as busy) situation, as I am attending AnimeNEXT 2018 on either June 8th or 9th (the date will be decided on later) at the Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, followed by Eternal Con 2018 on June 16th at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

For those curious, no, I will not be selling my artwork at these events, I am considering it for future conventions though. If you want to meet up somewhere at one of these events, please get into contact with me on Facebook, Twitter, or instagram (my contact information can be found in the "Links" section) and we can discuss meetups.

Note that schedules and such are not 100% final and may change over time.