Saturday, March 6, 2010

A small "interview".

UPDATE: now with new content! (and now with even more)
NOTE: this post is only intended for haters and semi-haters, who hold grudges against me.

Hello there. Since there are still some things that bug me to this very day, I decided to do up some sort of fake interview with myself asking questions to, well, myself.

Take note I am going to mention Super Justin here, for specific purposes, because it's somewhat crucial to this post. (and if you're wondering, I'm NOT going to bring that series back.)

And so we begin...

"What is Super Justin and why did you cancel it?"
The Super Justin series (which for some time, I referred to as a "franchise") was intended to be a series of Super Mario/Sonic the Hedgehog hybrids staring myself, as a japanese fourteen year-old boy dressed mostly in blue defending the world against various different enemies. The two main reasons why it was cancelled was because 1. to avoid copyright issues with the characters I had stolen, such as Grolla Seyfarth from Rosenkreuzstilette and Roark from Pokemon, and 2. because I couldn't take anymore negative criticism, as it was driving me to insanity.

"Are you going to bring the "franchise" back?"
As I have stated, no. (and I'm serious when I say this)

"Why did you go around telling everyone that Rosenkreuzstilette was worse than your "franchise" and insulated [erka:es]?"
This is somewhat difficult to explain in full detail, but if you want to know, I can spare some details on what was going on.

Personally, while I do like playing the Mega Man games a lot, I prefer the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series over Mega Man, which is possibly why I said my "franchise" would surpass Rosenkreuzstilette, but that turned out to be a big mistake, since for one thing, I didn't even make a game for that "franchise", so there was absolutely nothing to compare RKS to. Plus, to add to all this ruckus, I even said it was "too scary," saying the game's colors weren't that colorful. Looking back, I can see this game was intended for a older audience than I had expected, so I withdrew that useless complaint, seeing how a good game doesn't have to be colorful, and have practically every stage take place in a dungeon/castle/fortress/tower. (and let's not forget the religious symbols.)

For the insulating [erka:es] part, the prime thing I said was they were "uncreative", due to many of the elements, characters, and enemies from the original RKS being based on or inspired by various things from other popular video game series. After some time, I soon released what I had said was wrong, as [erka:es] does in fact have a good amount of creativity that they're able to create something that's worth playing for the fun, and of course, the nostalgic factor. I have tried apologizing to them, but they have yet to respond.

(Yes, I'm willing to admit I made many mistakes back then, and I'm sure I will never again.)

"Why did you attempt to bash Spiritia Rosenberg?"

If you recalled the roster of the "franchise", there were nine characters, four taken directly and edited from RKS, four my shameful male counterparts, and my even more shameful uh... "myself." Truth be told, the reason is because Spiritia wasn't in the "franchise" to begin with, as I was in her place. Another thing to add was I originally didn't like her design, because I thought her design was inferior to the other characters, such as Grolla's and Eifer's. Upon further thought, I soon changed my opinions about Spiritia, and soon wished I never said that in the first place, because I find Spiritia to have a very decent design, probably one of the best I've ever seen.

"Why did some of your earlier artworks of Sichte Meister include her with massive breasts and buttocks?"

I don't know how to explain this one. It's just I had a passion for dark-skinned people with enlarged boobs and a big butt to go with it. (I'm not trying to offend anyone when I say this. If I do, then I'm sorry.) Since Sichte Meister has the darkest skin of any of the Rosenkreuzstilette characters as of this date, I'd thought I should try the concept on her, but unfortently, it didn't work, at all. In fact, it was a big mistake. Sometimes, I wonder to myself "why".

"I heard you used to act like a troll. Is that true?"
Yes, I will admit I was once a terrible troll. But now I have been maturing, and I know better not to troll. But the reason I was is because I wanted to get popular by telling people to "check out my gallery" as well as "I drew him/her too". If you were to look at some of the really bad troll-comments on dA I had made, you would see a reply from me saying something like "Why did I say that?".

"Some people say you and your artwork are bad, right?"
Yep. I'm highly aware that there are several people online that dislike and wish to show no respect to me, and I'll accept that, since lots of people, both in real life and in the online community have enemies. As for the artwork part, I can agree and say for one thing, My artwork isn't, and possibly will never be, top-notch, but my artwork has gotten better as time passed. And allow me to compare two different artworks done several months apart.

Take this fanart of Neuro from Yusei Matsui's Majin Tentei Nogami Neuro series, which was done on June 6th, 2009. As you'd probably expect, this was something done during my first few months of activity on deviantART, and, as you'd also expect, it's not worth looking at. His head is too large, his legs seem to be too short, and well, the proportions are way off. But... if you were to compare it to...
this, which was done on Febuary 12, 2010, you'd see a major improvement. I'm not ging to discuss what looks and appears better, but you should get the idea of what I'm trying to say.

"Bad Character Design?"

Believe it or not, yes. Some people claim the characters I design, like Aozora from my new series, as either cruddy or something the opposite sex would wear. I do accept critiques on the characters that I designed for Aozora Jistuwa, so hopefully if I can get some good ones, I may be able to get better at designing them.

"Were you once an art thief?"
During my first few weeks of activity on deviantART, yes. As I spent gradually more time, I started doing it less until the content of my artwork became entirely original work hand-drawn by me. (even if it's fanart of someone else's character.) Although I was still pretty much stealing when it comes to the Super Justin Wiki, which had all of its content entirely removed by me not long ago. At first, I thought I could easily get away with it, as I have seen multiple people on deviantART upload stuff with copyrighted material, (I guess since nobody reported them) but after thinking it out for a bit, I soon took action and removed the stolen content immediately, making it something I no longer have to worry about. Bottom line, I stopped stealing artwork, and never will again.

"I heard there was fanart of characters from the "franchise" not made by you, right?"
Believe it or not, yes. And I feel ashamed of myself for doing that. If you happened to be a victim of this and hadn't taken down your Super Justin fanart, please do so.

Well, this is all I have to say, for now, I hope you understand, and to the majority of my haters, I'm very sorry for all the trouble I had caused.


ViperAcidZX said...

You forgot to mention all the Spiritia bashings and making Sichte look as grotesque as Cattleya from Queen's Blade... -.-

Justin De Lucia said...

If it'll make you happy, I'll add infomation on those.

ViperAcidZX said...

If you recalled the roster of the "franchise", there were nine characters, four taken directly and edited from RKS, four my shameful male counterparts, and my even more shameful uh... "myself." Truth be told, the reason is because Spiritia wasn't in the "franchise" to begin with, as I was in her place. I know it may not make any sense, but it's the most logic reason I can think of, and after some time, I wish I had never even done that in the first place.

Is that so? If I can recall correctly, you stated that you hated her design on one of your comments on Rockman PM's RKS Freudenstachl board. If I was there to see that, I'd say "how the f*ck do you know about character design when you make a bunch of sh*tty ones" if was a board member prior to this...