Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Japanese commercials are god-Insane.

Well, before the new year rolls in, I 'd just thought I'd showcase some Japanese commercials I discovered on the Web just recently.

The first few are based on a line of Japanese noodles. Why I show them is because of their use of anime-styled characters, and the continuous running gag of them morphing into more realistic anime humans at one point in each CM.

It's not the whole collection, but just my favorites of them.

But it gets crazier. Who knew Ronald McDonald (yes, the clown from McDonalds. Can't believe I'm making that kind of reference) had a son and daughter? (even is the son is capable of pulling burgers out of his behind)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Requesting more help: Where is the Dots Design Builder?

UPDATE: For those of you who want a similar experience to the program I mention in this blog post, try this online virtual adaption of Dot-S.

You can also find out a little more about Dot-S by searching its Japanese name: "ドッツ"


Hello everyone. First off before I start with the real news, happy Christmas Eve, because I want to be a nice guy every once in a while (although not a lot of people return the favor).

So anyways, recently I got back into playing with my collection of Dot-S, a Japanese toy product that had me hooked since like mid 2007, and to this day, it's still one of the best toys I've ever played with, alongside Cube World. Though the only downside is actually trying to scout out the different sets online. Because the word "Dots" is so commonly used, it took me a while before I actually found some sets for order online. I believe in Japan they are still being sold, so I'm probably going to waste some money further expanding my collection of Dot-S once I take a trip to Japan after I graduate from that rotten bag of tards known as school. Below is my current collection of Dot-S, excluding the boards and about half of the pins.
So incase your mind is having trouble focusing and keeping on track, let me explain what Dot-S are exactly. They're actually a line of toys manufactured by Tomytec/Tomy in 2005. You put each Dot (Peg) into a 16 by 16 board, in an attempt to create a picture using the pegs. To get even more creative, you can even mount multiple boards together for larger pictures. It's kinda like Lite-Brite, but much cooler.

So anyways, the reason why I'm here right now is to ask a huge favor.

Not too long ago, I discovered a Dot-S simulator simply known as the "Dots Design Builder", which offers a experience that almost is like playing with real Dot-S, but in virtuality. It offers every single pin and board color ever released, including the ones not available in the more commonly-known sets shown on the Dot-S homepage. I have it downloaded into my old piece of crud Windows (2000) computer, but I cannot pull off the program and put it on the new Windows computer I'm receiving for Christmas, nor can I download it because the site that hosted it for download no longer exists, and when I do archive it, the download link is completely broken. I have only found one other site with details on the program, but unfortunately there is no download link. So I am asking if anyone out there who possibly has the program to perhaps upload a download link somewhere so that it can be easily accessed by everyone.

On the plus side, however, I am currently working on fanart of Sol-Badguy, the main protagonist of the Guilty Gear series. Unfortunately, I will not finish it in time for Christmas, but hopefully I'll make some decent progress over winter recess.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aozora's Adventure- What is it?

Well howdy-ya-do, everyone. It's time to say some stuff and put it here. But first, I'd like to mention that I am planning to start on a new piece of art, but unfortunately, it will be NSFW (not safe for work, a.k.a. explicit content or 18+)content, so therefore I wouldn't suggest looking at it when it's up unless you're a qualified adult. :P (To everyone that doesn't like them, don't worry, I'll be sure to put up a Mature content tag.)

But anyways, let's get down to business. First off, if anyone has seen my recent journal entry on my dA profile page, then you may have noticed that pretty soon (hopefully this or next month), I will start another contest dedicated to my own and somewhat obscure series, Aozora's Adventure. In hopes of maybe increasing the tension (and getting more entries, hopefully this time from a few professional and well-known artists), I, myself, will be giving out premium memberships (and expanding them as well, if you already have such) and dA points to the winners. If you think all the above info on the contest prizes are false, then you're 100% wrong.

The contest will simply be to draw existing characters from the series, not designing new ones. To download an image pack containing all known Aozora's Adventure artwork, both from me, friends, and fans for reference, simply click this link. It's that easy.

Now when I made a certain tweet about this on my Twitter (yes, I have one of those), someone (Michael Ingento, author of Pirate Madeline, to be exact) replied stating "no one knows what your series is, that's why." So to hopefully increase the chances of this contest being successful, I have decided to write, down below, information on the series, some of it's characters, and such.

Aozora's Adventure (planed to be known in Japan as "Journey of Aozora", written as あおぞらの旅, pronounced as A ozo-ra no Tabi), is a series created by me, which focuses on 17-year old Aozora, a teenager that lives in Japan with his friends Satoru, Zik, Sakaki, Skye, Toshi, and his girlfriend (for now) Keisha. The characters pretty much live on a normal life, unless they are helping defend Japan from a professional assassin group known as the A.C.E.S; led by a man named Joker (not The Joker from the Batman comics), and/or a league of strong, powerful witches led by big 'n busty Korayami.

To make up for and replace the family that Aozora unfortunately lost as an young child, he collaborates with Toshi to create (yes, they're somewhat mechanical geniuses) a group of eight human androids named the Jetters, which consist of Red, Higure, Beta, Simon, Britly, Kokoro, Ciber, and Moriya. In between the creation of Redd and Higure, a young homeless boy named Zidra volunteers to be the second of the nine Jetters, and he is converted into a half-android with little to no trouble, and along with the other Jetters, lives with and assists Aozora.

The series explained here was created in late 2009 following the permanent cancelation of my previous and strictly unsuccessful "franchise" Super Justin. This series consists of an entirely original cast of characters (with only slight inspirations.) Currently, there are two characters that are currently missing from the roster, both of them being members of the witch clan. One of them is reserved to be designed by deviantART user CaisBarlin69, the other, well. Not much plans yet.

So there you have it. As I have stated before, this contest is not a character-designing contest, and it also does not have no prizes. So therefore you guys will have a good reason to enter, well... if you want to enter. But if you do enter, you'll make me a very happy person. Trust me. :)