Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The final WARWOMAN: M-11

Several years ago, I made a series that was intended to be my take on a “battle androids” series, which I dubbed “WARMAN” as the title characters were initially an all-male group of humanoid war machines sent to dispatch a hostile alien race. The series was meant to blend in extreme action and a small amount of fan service, as all the WARMEN have exposed chests made of artificial skin as tough as steel. The idea was to create a series that both men and women would enjoy (the former enjoying the intense action and badassery of the main characters, the latter enjoying the clean, refined, and muscular builds of those same characters).

As time went on and more models got designed, I started getting feelings this the series would be too focused on male fan service even with one of the models being a female (despite the lack of camera angles that if the series materialized into game/animation/comic would intentionally show off the exposed chests or in a few cases- rears of the models), possibly to the point where it would drive away certain types of viewers, primarily straight men that wouldn’t find even the hyper-action or general badass-ness of the series a saving grace. Plus with recent controversies form the past two years about portraying females in fiction, and the otherwise low count of main female characters in the series up to this point (which clocks in at just one), I began working on a new game-plan.

In December of 2015, I launched a successor project in the form of “WARWOMAN”, which is focused on female models (with a 1:5 m/f ratio) as opposed to the male-dominant WARMAN line of models (which had a 9:1 m/f ratio) so I could better represent women that can both look good while still being dominant forces having immense strength, knowledge, and wielding powerful weaponry and other tools. Earlier that year before WARWOMAN’s creation, I had begun searching for artists to design up the appearances of the WARMEN- the different design styles of each artist becoming a plot point for the multitude of different scientists that would create the WARMEN in-universe.

Below is the original WARMAN design document; which shows off the current designs as well as the design specifications that documents how a WARMAN or WARWOMAN is built:

As of early August 2016, the main first lineup of WARMEN were completed after four years since the series’ beginning in July 2012, with M-08’s creation. Oh the other hand, the WARWOMEN have had all their members designed as well.. with the exception of one: M-11 WARWOMAN, the protagonist of the WARWOMEN chapter.

This is her basic appearance/documentation on the blog entry that also gave rough design concepts for the other models prior to their completion:

“Female, balanced build, has medium-length hair that extends down to her neck in some kind of exotic style (like a pseudo-bobcut), shares some personality traits with M-10, being the heroic determinator who acts on the serious side and is a bit of a tomboy”

For a more direct guide to her appearance, along with the specifications shown on the blog post:

>Anime-esque art style, to match M-07 and M-10’s style. In the concept artwork, she would be facing forwards (ala M-07 and M-10 or off to the right.

>Her main color is #088468 (teal or turquoise), which is the color of her eye and hair. Some parts instead use #22d690.

>Her body shape is moderately slim but still displays some muscle, and her height is 6’10’’ (2.8 meters). The body should look like a 22 or 23-year old female's.

>She sports a moody tomboy/boyish personality, but still has some feminine traits. Kinda reckless in fights, and doesn’t smile often.

>Her hair is short, arranged in a messy but exotic short-cut which goes down to the backside of her neck. (A bobcut of sorts is probably the one I see her with the most)

>Her breasts are a non-dropping F-cup, which is smaller that M-07 and M-13's H-cup and M-12 and M-14's G-Cup, but larger than M-15's E-Cup. Her hips are not as wide as some of the other models (though still large by normal human standards), but her buttocks are noticeably rounded and thick.

>Her highly-detailed armor is colored various shades of blacks, grays and dull/pale teals. In addition, there would be a small amount of visible scars and other forms of damage on the armor.

>Her chest, back, and the upper half of her thighs are made of skin while her buttocks are covered in black latex, with some muscle on the chest. Every other part of her body (excluding of course her head) is armored up with many pieces of metal, like the other models.
>>the lower or upper halves of her breasts (your preference) are covered with armor to form a one or two-piece “bra” of sorts that does not show (or otherwise hint at) the nipples under the armor.
 >>The vaginal area is also covered in armor, which extends to covering her privates under the cleavage of her buttocks. Her legs/buttocks can also be covered in a skintight black material.

Once she is completed, I will declare the WARMAN/WARWOMAN series fully finished for now. SKYMAN will be saved for a later day.