Friday, March 22, 2013

SJB now on Skype

Title is self-explanitory.
Username is Superjustinbros.

Second Wave

Yes I know this blog hasn't been updated in a month, but that's because I've been caught up in quite a lot of disputes. Though in reality, it's only of my concern. You all are in the clear, though considering how easily I seem to be building up anger, I need a bit of downtime from productive stuff.

However I did create this small bust shot of Aozora. Why you ask? Well, let's just say I got aware of a particular game'e existence after three years of it's original release. I'm of course talking about Sunday VS Magazine, which is very much in a nutshell a rival of sorts to Jump Ultimate Stars, which of course I can't resist giving it a massive upgrade (Aozora's Wars, mentioned previously.) to improve on it with movesets, a wider span on supers, and an in-depth campaign with tournaments and endurances. All with probably the most playable fighters ever in a fan-based video game idea second only to MUGEN. So obviously finding out about SVM means Aozora's Wars gets an expansion pack with all those characters and their respective fighters and supporters? (especially not making sense with a game idea that doesn't exist in playable format of all things)

Take a wild guess.

So after your brains are done processing the absolute confusion and/or whatever, let me fill you in that again, this is only a game idea. And it'll stay like that until I learn how to code and crap. Of course considering how people have crammed the message "start with small projects" and I can't sprite big sheets of stuff like what's depicted in Jump Ultimate Stars, don't expect it to be the very first project I set my focus onto. Especially when you're cramming 180 total playable characters into one frankengame that's intended to be a holy grail for anime/manga geeks and fans of fighting games.

No ship.

For the record, not all these guys are from Weekly Shonen Sunday or Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Did I mention before I wanted to do a recreation of Mario Kart 64 with the same guys listed above?