Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ms. Pac-Man Twin Recreation

Since I'm still as much of a Pac-Man nut as I've always been, I thought I'd share this with you.

While looking through a list of un-dumped MAME titles, my eyes caught onto this unauthoritised pseudo-sequel to Ms. Pac-Man called Ms. Pac-Man Twin. It was created by a company known as "Susilu" and it allows two players to play the game simultaneously, with the second player operating a green-colored Ms. Pac-Man.

As opposed to the millions of other two-player Pac-Man games (such as Tengen's Ms. Pac-Man or Pac-Man Arrangement), there are two layers of pellets that have to be cleared from the maze; a red layer and a green layer. These layers can only be removed by the Ms. Pac-Man that matches the color of the layer (Power Pellets are universal, they can be eaten by either player and don't exist on a layer). Once both layers are gone, the players can advance.

So rather than giving you low-res distorted arcade screenshots, I went and made my own recreations, which includes layouts of the other three mazes.

Update: Here's V2 of the mazes, with a palette that replicates the original screens more closely.


MKAndy said...

Jusin are you trying to re create this game for use in Mame?
how is progress going?
kind regards

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am also interesting about your "Ms. Pacman Twins",
is it a MAME Rom Hack, a Console Rom Hack or whatever ?

Gabriel- said...

made in argentina-

Scott Stilphen said...

This site has a screenshot showing the correct starting position of both players:

M said...

si, ES UN ROM HACK, hecho en Argentina

en este sitio (IN ENGLISH) hay un brief acerca de este juego


Anonymous said...

Now you can see it in MAME!!
Roberto Fresca added support for it.