Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get your OtakuBall Resources here!

I know I had said this would be a standard post, but I believe a series of image files and word documents should be able to do more justice than a post that stretches out for infinity.

Download it here.

Oh, and for all of you that are making clones, don't just play Breakout and Arkanoid; try the other clones and see what features work for you and which ones don't. However, I will say this: Don't put in some kind of block or enemy (like a Skull block or such) that will lead to death because of the ball's misbehavior (only bosses and bombs that rain down from certain destroyed blocks can kill the paddle directly, enemies can only stun/freeze the paddle and misguide the ball in another direction). Also, don't tinker with the ball's speed by speeding it up too quickly into a level, and don't have unrealistic bouncing physics, like the ball suddenly reversing as it tries to go up a channel of Gold Bricks, and get creative with level design; don't just stick to levels of only one particular theme (such as animals). And to conclude, never leave out proper ball aiming with the paddle.

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