Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aozora's Wars New Flyer; also PSASBR "UPDATED"

I carefully hand-picked these out through many instances of self-error.
(Rant follows; Proceed with caution)

Hey, at least I tried to pick characters that actually can put up fights and (IMO) don't look fuguly as shit, while attempting to make a worthy successor/upgrade to Jump Ultimate Stars and keep it a short title that isn't trying to be obvious on the subject like Playstation All Stars Battle Royale even though it has characters that have gone on to appear on Microsoft's consoles (I'm looking at Big Daddy, Dante, Raiden, and Heihachi, extra deduction for featuring the new Dante), regardless of whenever or not the subjects debuted and/or remained on a Sony console. And unlike Smash Bros, many of these guys in PSASBR are characters you can't really have nostalgia feelings for, except Parappa, since many of them didn't see the light of day until about half a decade ago in the late PS2/early PS3 era, and not only that, many of them are from M-rated games.

Go ahead and defend what you want; but this is a game I don't want to play (after Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance just for featuring The World Ends with You characters). I have nothing against those series represented; but the game as a whole seems like a big 'ol sellout to every company involved, even to big boys like Capcom, Namco, and Konami, and it also just screams "Sony's answer to Super Smash Bros Brawl".

Still don't believe me on the "uninspired random characters for Aozora's Wars"? Well take a look for yourself and see how I plan to upgrade Jump Ultimate Stars into a brand new experience with characters (IMO) everyone loves.
Part 1
Part 2

UPDATE: All right, I think I really need to update on my rant. Since I think I've been going a little too far.

The truth on why I exclaimed "ugly" was in regards to the character Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. Kratos could come close in second, but he makes up for it with his high levels of badass and actually having a good anatomical structure. Now if only someone could buy the rights off of Sony to release a God of War game on the 360.

Everyone may have different nostalgia feelings towards certain series, such as those that were in the late 10's having nostalgia for games like Metal Gear and Twisted Metal. However some of these characters may not have much big of an impact in comparison to others as they didn't exist in the PS1 era, or in some cases, the early PS2 era.

The "Video game characters unable to fight" scenario was taken from Jump Ultimate Stars, wheras in advertisements and commercials, they'd say characters that at most only appear as supporters would be fully controllable by human input ingame. One notable character was Nube from Hell Teacher Nube, another was Sena from Eyeshield 21. The image of Aozora's Wars above displays only playable characters that would be in the game, in an attempt to counterattack JUS' false advertising.

It also didn't help that I was being fueled to write this by two people who were against my opinions of inserting the "new" Dante into PSASBR, even if he would be reverted back to classic Dante for Project X Zone, thus almost shattering the point of doing a re-design in the first place.

On top of that, a scenario that had occurred the prior day during a session of Halo: Reach, where my sister and cousin were singed into my sister's account, playing a round of TU BTB Slayer (where you respawn close to allies) on the map Hemorrhage. When she stopped to do other things, I ended up being forced to take the controller, and in a spurt of extreme luck, something I can't pull off well as I'm more of a "run around and see what happens" or not relying on stealth to be specific, I ended up going in a Wraith, driving on over to a pack of enemy players located at their base, and with careful usage of the Wraith's boosters, I KO'd five of the eight players and earned the "Killtacular" medal, and somehow hit more players after the quick spurt, scoring a Killing Frenzy medal in the process. Now of course I wasn't singed into my account on Xbox Live, so this all ended up being credited under my sister's profile. I tried to re-do the process after properly singing into my account on the same map and same gametype, but whenever I tried to drive the Wraith, other players reached it first (thanks to me not having my headset readily available at the time and also since I didn't want my cousin hearing on about my attempts at communications; Sometimes makes me wish Halo: Reach had a "ping" tool just like Portal 2.) and even when I found an opportunity to sneak in and board an empty Wraith, a player shot me down right as my Spartan climbed in. I never got a second shot that evening, and I stopped not long after, just posting things about the new Dante in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale on Twitter since I figured no one would give a dung (as I rarely get any replies unless I mention them first) but I was wrong. T~T

Big apologies to anyone that was affected by this doing. I'll have to write up another blogpost based on my problems regarding "design by committee" as it left me the culprit of a scenario on the Spriters Resource's forums. I'll be able to solve the problems myself, but for now, I might have to greatly reduce the Otaku-Ball brick sheet to create a smaller, more simpler version that uses fewer brick types and powerups. The large version is not going to be deleted and it will remain on Photobucket; but I may have to hold out on using it in a project until I really build up a fanbase that will support roughly anything I attempt, regardless of how ridiculous the given scenarios would be.

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