Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two graphic mods for Sourceforge projects.

First off, these aren't my games, I just tweaked them to fit my preferences, and I do not intended to use these for a profit, and I'm giving full credit to the original authors of the games themselves. Both are old forgotten Windows puzzle games remade, one I mentioned in a previous post. So let's not dally on and get right into the first game:
First up is a mod for mblaine's Diamonds open-source remake; which gives it a fresh coat of paint. All the block and ball graphics have been entirely cleaned up, modified to resemble the pseudo-sequel Diamonds for Kids, which was aimed at a younger audience and has much easier levels than the original. The space background of the original is now a generic clouds background, the "Death Block" is remade into a "Vortex Block", yellow replaces brown, and a few of the sound effects have been tweaked to make them feel more enjoyable. Sadly this game doesn't have a graphic editor built in like the original, so it's a little harder to make levels yourself, but it's possible. Plus, this is the only version of said game that works on advanced operating systems.

Get it here.

What we have here is a graphic mod for Brandshaw Creations' PYKye++, bundling the level sets from both PYKye and PYKye++ into a single package without downloading them individually, and gives the game more of a classic Kye feel. Some of the graphics (like the enemies) were borrowed from Xye, while the many other tiles originating from Chip's Challenge are edited to fit the rest of the theme.

Download here.

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