Sunday, January 30, 2011

Angry Birds Sound effects anyone?

Well, I'm back requesting yet more help from my loving friends and fans, including some that don't fall into either of those categories.

So yep, today is the last day of January. It certainly took long enough, but we got there. And now that's one-twelth of 2011 done with before we move onto 2012 (and please don't make any stupid comments about the world ending in 2012 because of just a stupid movie).

So anyways, why am I here, you ask?
That's mighty flippin' right. Remember Angry Birds, the supa-hit mobile game by none other than Rovio Mobile? Of course you do. Pretty much every one does nowadays. It's been referenced millions of times on radio, talk shows and the works. Just the concept of shooting birds to their death at fat, dumb-butt pigs just to get back three eggs somehow worked, and since then, it has grown into a million-dollar media franchise with plans to make a cartoon series, a line of toys, and even a flippin' board game. Everyone just can't get enough of our little irate flock of chicks.

Buy what am I here to ask? Nothing related to Super Mario Bros. hacking (thank goodness!), but rather the following.

Earlier this month (January, if you happen to be reading a day after I post this) Angry Birds was recently given a port to Windows computers and Apple Macintoshes, which offers the same exact experience as what was offered already on mobile systems (just a bit more pricy, and 16 less levels).

But then, some people with too much time on their hands discovered a "Resources/Data" folder in the Angry Birds Mac's application folder, which contained a full sprite sheet (excluding backgrounds) and a complete collection of sound effects seen in the game. One person was willing to put the complete rip of graphics on a site, but no one that I'm aware of put up the sound effects for download (in a non-torrent format).

And you're probably wondering, why don't I just take the contents out for myself? Well, for one, and practically the only reason why I can't rip everything myself, is because my Mac does not have the newest software. Hell, not even via Software Update do I get to update it so I can get the Mac App Store, because my Macintosh is too ancient (yea, I had my Mac now since Xmas '08.)

So I was wondering if anyone who owns the Mac version (or PC, if it too has the same folder) of Angry Birds could maybe put up a download link containing all the SFX used in the game, and if not maybe direct me to an already-existing download link?

And if you're curious about what I intend to use with the sounds, just look below at the poster of the game idea I have called JAPANESE! Angry Birds.
Please read the bottom left before you go ape-s$ite, m'kay?


Joe said...

Thanks for telling us it's on Windows. JUST bought it. All the sounds are in MP3 and WAVE format.

Unfortunately reality has me in a step over toe hold and will see how I can help later.

Joe said...

I just had a little bit of time to whip up this video.

Angry Birds Better Than Cake