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Bosu o warau no Chousenjo

AKA Laughing Boss' Challenge.

Almost thirty years later and this game is still ripped apart.

Also happy valentines' day.

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EWW Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U

Yep, it's finally out, and thanks to the Super Smash Bros for Wii U GameFAQs forums, I compiled up a list of potentially every known possible complaint the game has thus far.

**No additional Donkey Kong or Metroid representations due to lack of recognization of these series in Japan, despite their huge following outside Japan.
**Gannondorf remains a Captain Falcon clone with little to no effort to differentiate the two.
**Ice Climbers cut due to incompatibility with 3DS and to keep the roster between the two 100% identical.
**Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem having four representations due to overwhelming Japanese feedback for these characters and their home franchises, which explains why Palutena's Guidance is present.
*Bad/Poor clones, with not enough differences to make the two major and most criticized clones (Lucina and Dark Pit) unique.
*Characters cannot be customized directly from the Character Select screen, requiring you to traverse through the Custom menu to find it.
***Too much focus on Guest C for Mii Brawler, Guest B for Mii Swordfighter, and Guest F for Mii Gunner in artwork and in-game renders.
***Fighting Mii Team artwork does not edit in user’s Miis, and portraits show the above Guest Miis instead of the face of the actual Mii(s) used in-game.
***Trophies of the Mii Fighters as well as the ending images not altered to show the user’s Miis instead of the Guests.
***Lack of Voice Synchronizer ala Tomodachi Life to allow the Mii’s names to be said properly instead of “Mii”.
***Character Select and after-match results screen still shows the original character’s name (i.e. Villager instead of Vikkager) instead of the amiibo’s name.

*Menus cannot be navigated with the Wii U Gamepad's touch screen
**Menus could be better designed, such as not burying previous games' "Solo" modes (Classic and Stadium) in with "Games and More"
*Smash Tour is mediocre/bad (personally I dislike how you can't do it with less than 4 players) Smash Run is also very forgettable, with the massive number of Kid Icarus and Subspace Emissary enemies completely overshadowing the other series’ cast of enemies.
*Needs more diversity in trophies (plus Fewer/No errors in trophy descriptions and trophy sources, stating the EXACT debut of a character, Final Smashes used in non-Smash games included)
*Needs an Adventure Mode ala Melee's.
*Needs a better Classic Mode (could have the same path system as 3DS, but with the gameplay style/stage layout of Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl with at least 12 stages and several bonus events, plus the bonuses from Smash 64/Melee being brought back). It wouldn't overdo on 5+ player maps and "Intruder" opponents, and when a match occurs where you're up against a team of copies of one character, it never uses the Mii Fighters.
*All-Star should be like prior games, where you only fight the characters of one universe for one round, with the three boss characters (Metal Face, Ridley, and Yellow Devil) disabled on Gaur Plains, Pyrosphere, and Wily's Castle respectively.
**The inability to continue in All-Star.
*Shortened Music Tracks
*Too many "Mobile" stages (ones where you fly around then the stage "stops" in a certain location, like Isle Delfino, Wuhu Island, and Skyloft)
*Too many retro/past/familiar stages (especially from Brawl and Melee maps that were present in Brawl), with some of these Past stages being the ONLY maps of a certain franchise on one version (Green Hill Zone in 3DS, Onett in Wii U)
*Lack of "Battlefield" versions for maps which have small platforms arranged in various ways ala most maps in Project M.
*When you want to end a match with a four-button combination, it now gives you a prompt asking if you want to conform to end the match.
*No option to disable bosses in stages.
*Palutena's Guidance generally not being well-liked.
*Pausing is noticeably laggy, running at like 15 or 30 FPS on pause.
*The game not saving modified rulesets (Time, Stock, or Coins, and the time limit/starting lives) even though it saves item configuration.
*Stage Builder is a bit flawed, such as not being able to copy/paste and delete shapes, with poor grabbable ledge detection.
**No Player Spawn point configuration.
**Abscence of certain special parts from Brawl’s Stage Builder, such as no slippery surfaces, falling platforms, spikes, and conveyor belts.
**Inability to play Large custom stages in 8-Player Smash
*Poor online, with non-Tournament Legal settings in For Glory (Two stocks + 2 minutes instead of the preferred Three/Four stocks + 8 Minutes) and no 1 vs. 1 in For Fun
**Inability to play stages that lack hazards or camping/Cave of Life spots in For Glory, ala Battlefield
** Players getting banned for targeting a single player in Online, even if it's unintentional.
*When you fail an Event Match, no instant prompt to retry and the game just boots you back to the Challenges menu, forcing you to sit through loading screens.
*Lack of online rankings and lobbies, along with vocal chat when playing against anyone.
*System memory error 160-0103.

Please refer to this GameFAQs post for more things wrong with Sm4sh.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Old stuff related to Trainyard

I shouldn't need to bring up by now that I'm a huge follower of Matt Rix's Trainyard. Released in 2010 this was a really unique puzzle game with a concept that I adore to death (I'm a huge color nut).

Before the editor for the game was made, I came up with an idea that I had since abandoned; adding support for territory colors alongside the primary and secondary colors already found in the core game. Normally when you try to mix a primary-colored train with a secondary-colored train, you get a brown-colored "Garbage" train, which doesn't see much use outside of the plethora of user-made levels.

The original idea behind this concept: Instead of making a brown train when both a primary and a secondary were mixed, a territory color would be made instead. However not every primary +secondary combo would result in a tertiary color; if you were to try and mix red + green, yellow + blue, or yellow + purple, it would make brown instead of a territory color. Below is a diagram I made long ago that shows how the tertiary colors would function in-game:

I also did a few example levels that use tertiary colors as the main focus.

As you can probably tell the idea didn't really take off, since I was the only one interested in it and it would've made the game even more of a brain-wreck since according to Matt, most players didn't get the color-mixing concept, even having trouble with creating the secondary colors form the primaries.

Otaku-Ball Alpha Footage

Saturday, November 1, 2014

An ecchi story from a while back

Because of a certain incident that happened with a friend of mine, I have made this story private.  If you want to read it, send an e-mail to and I'll send you a PDF containing the story.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diamonds - Complete Collection

I'm sure I may have hinted a while back that I'm a big fan of Dub Myers' and Oliver Dreer's rather unknown Diamonds game. And since it's "For Kids" spinoff is very much not available online, I decided to make a bundle of the Windows versions of both Diamonds and Diamonds for Kids.

You can download the collection here.

Keep in mind these are 16-bit Windows games, so they will not work on anything running on 64-Bit or higher. So if you're one of those guys that still has a Windows XP lying around, pop these in and go have some fun.

As a bonus, I included some level sets for Diamonds. "BONKERS" is a trimmed-down version of the nine levels from the "Go Bonkers" game in the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Action 52, "FORKIDS" is the levels from Diamonds for Kids converted back into the original Diamonds, and finally "MOMENTUM" is a conversion of Black Frog Industries' Diamonds clone Momentum.

On the topic of Diamonds, I wanted to bring up this sprite sheet I made a few adjustments to.

Now for quite the longest time I've been planning on cramming as many features from multiple games as possible into one game, as I did with Diamonds at one point. Mostly this was to introduce elements from Diamond Ball III (on DOS), Crillion (on C64) and Dudes with Attitude (on NES) into Diamonds, though since then I had a change in plans resulting in some of these features being dropped. Since then what this sheet basically allows would include:

*Being able to start a level off with another color besides Cyan
*Roster of colors expanded to 12 colors.
*Bricks, Boulders, Painters, Keys, Locks, and Gates are available in all 12 colors; compared to Cyan only existing as the brick (without any Painters) and Orange only having the painter, key, and lock.
*Lighter painter blocks are removed when they are used, and are restored if the player dies. Their destruction is not required to enable destroying the Diamonds and passing the level.
*Boulders that shift one tile opposite the direction the player's ball hits it. They too are restored into their original position if the player dies.
*Gates; The solid ones become hollow when the player becomes the color depicted on the gate, the hollow ones become solid when the player becomes the corresponding color.
*Gray Blocks and Gray Boulders can be destroyed/moved by the ball regardless of what color it is. They do not count towards level completion nor are worth any points, and are restored if the player dies.
*The Death block can be skinned into either the original Diamonds appearance (the Skull) or the DfK appearance (the red vortex).
*Arrow Tiles would block access through the direction the arrow points towards if the player attempts to enter through that direction. In other words it would be a one-way tile.
*The black balls with white outlines are based on the "Killer Ball" from Action 52 (Genesis/Megadrive)'s Go Bonkers. They bounce in one place endlessly (at about three-quarters the player ball's speed) and destroy the player if touched. However unlike Go Bonkers, the ball would also be removed if the player attempts to touch it.

Gone are the enhancement/powerup blocks, sand/water blocks, the random color painter, the ? block, and the electric gates. Simply because not only were they for the most part unnecessary since you can make just as good levels without them, but the graphics made for them looked for lack of a better word, a bit on the ugly side.

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Based on a true story

Your guess is as good as mine as to why these two decided to get hitched in Tomodachi Life.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Marihoe Karting Figure 8

Yes I made a video.

And yes it's at 50cc since I just started the game earlier today. I spent three hours on the sucker and got a temporary sore thumb after six GP's worth of racing.
Once I unlock more crap and get races that aren't just a "derp I can race" sequence, they'll exist.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Battle Lode Runner (PC Engine) Soundtrack Gamerip

After seemingly no attempts at a game rip recently of the Japanese-only Battle Lode Runner (which got a release outside Japan via Virtual Console), I went out of my way and recorded all the songs used in the game.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Pokemon: the SJB Fanon Type Chart

And so here it is: The type matchup chart I will use for any Pokemon-styled fan game I make.

To make it, I used this:

Saturday, April 26, 2014