Saturday, October 15, 2016

Motos (Sharp X68K Arranged Soundtrack)

Here's another OST for you all; this is a recorded collection of songs used in Namco and Dempa's conversion of Motos for the Japanese Sharp X68000 computer. Contains songs in both internal and MT-32 sound formats.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

SJB comes up with a new game idea/concept

Transcript form a Discord chat:

So uhh

I just got this game idea of sorts

from Paper Mario Color Splash

It's a FPS where you play as a white humanoid cartoon figure of sorts with simple features and a vacuum on their left arm and a small gun on their right. On team gametypes, each team is decorated with a different texture, such as polka dots vs stripes, or are drawn in a different style, such as heavy shading/outline versus metallic shading/outline. Additionally, there's red-outlined versus blue outlined.

The world is completely white, outside of objects/structures that have color.

You have to run to a color, absorb it, send it to your gun, and you get one of several different weapons depending on what color you absorb. Some colors vanish into white when absorbed and slowly regurgitate over time, while others don't.

Something like a reverse De-Blob/Epic Mickey/TAG.

Then you use the acquired weapon to defeat enemies or other players.

You can vacuum up to three segments of color, if you vacuum up three of the same color, you get lots of ammo for a basic weapon.

But if you vacuum up a variety of colors, they mix and you end up with other, stronger weapons that usually cost more ammo to use.

There'd be three primary weapons, three secondary weapons, and six tertiary weapons, along with three others.

Red, Blue, and Yellow,
Orange, Green, and Purple,

Vermillion, Amber, ChartreuseTeal, Indigo, and Magenta.

There'd also be three other miscellaneous colors, WhiteBrown and Black.

When you vacuum up the colors you want, you then send them to your gun, which changes in color and shape to a new weapon.

Red Yellow and Blue are the most common colors, but you can also find the secondaries, tertiaries, brown, and black naturally.

though they're rare, especially the tertiaries and black.

So there's a bit more of a puzzle element, unlike say, Splatoon.

You begin with white, which gives you a small white pea-shooter that is only good for finishing off weakened targets. You also have a standard melee attack that can be used with any weapon set.

Red, Yellow, and Blue are basic weapons that have tradeoffs between power/bulletsize and speed/RoF

Orange, Green, and Purple are standard shots that apply special effects: Spread for Orange, Rebounding for Green, and Explosive for Purple.

The tertiaries are where you get the more varied weapons. Vermillion is a mini/chain gun with a godly RoF, Amber, is a sword with high power, Chartreuse is a homing missile launcher, Teal is a rocket launcher, Indigo is a grenade launcher, and Magenta is a sniper rifle.

If you try to mix colors that aren't compatible (Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Yellow and Purple, or all the three Primaries at the same time), you get Brown which gives an "All-Purpose Rifle" that outclasses the three Primaries, having a perfect balance in RoF/Speed/Power.

Black gives your character armor which temporarily reduces the power of attacks that hit you when you absorb it.

While your weapon is out, you can continue to vacuum other colors and prepare for a new weapon to replace the current one when it runs out of ammo or is no longer desired. If you are able to produce the same color as the weapon you currently have, it restocks ammo.

This idea is heavy WIP so if I decide to go with it; things will be subject to change.

For the name, I'm thinking of calling it "PrismaBlaster".

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3D Maze Man Improvement Mod

After releasing a definitive(?) OST rip of 3D Maze Man, I stumbled across a download of the game and it's four Mission Pack Sequels that had the contents of the games in folders instead of packed into an EXE. So what happened? I decided to splice together parts of two of the five games- 3D Maze Man: Winter Wonderland and 3D Munch Man II and insert them into 3D Maze Man, with a few other minor aesthetic adjustments.

Below you can get a taste of what was changed:

Some of the texts in the game were adjusted, and two of the sounds (Extra Life and Death) were changed.

The infamous and broken Mystic Mazes 9 has been replaced with a Munch Man II maze in order to keep the Haunted House area a consistent length and make the Mystic Mazes level set fully playable. Since the other mazes that used the theme weren't corrupted or non-functional, they remain intact.

Another Munch Man II level appears to increase the length of the Medieval Castle area, placed in-between the seventh and eighth levels of Mystic Mazes. Similarly, one of the unused levels from the original 3D Maze Man is restored in the Wild West area, in-between the eleventh and twelfth levels of Wild World.

The Winter Wonderland theme has been restored! After being teased on the back of the box in some releases of 3D Maze Man only for the theme to be taken out and given it's own game, half of the 3D Maze Man: Winter Wonderland levels have found their way back into the original. They appear in-between the Toy Land and Infinite Space themes in Fantasy Zone.

Download the mod here.
To run this in modern Windows systems, you must set the compatibility mode to Windows 98/Me and run at a 640x480 resolution. 256 colors is also recommended.

Additional note: All my attempts at adding 3D Frog Man mazes and assets to 3D Maze Man completely fell flat; so I can't do a "3D Maze & Frog Man".

This is a non-profit project; it is recommended you only download it if you already own or have bought a copy of 3D Maze Man or one of the other games in the series back when they were being sold.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

3D Maze Man OST

Here's another OST, ripped and edited to be as accurate as possible to the original game. This time it's 3D Maze Man, a Pac-Man clone form 1998, and one of my childhood favorites. It's a somewhat controversial game, between being bundled with all sorts of suspicious programs and getting pulled from the market in 2000. On the plus side it has some great tunes, composed by Ariel Gross.

This soundtrack has the themes of all ten worlds across all 5 games in the series (3D Maze Man, 3D Maze-Man: Winter Wonderland, Ms. Maze: Tropical Adventures, 3D Frog Man, and 3D Munch Man II).

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Understanding the Concept of Love... and Racing.

Here I am, back with another stupid fusion concept. Terry x Beat.
This one I already did eons ago over on Twitter, but then I redid it with a newer Beat render so the two were both CG'd. Plus the perspectives aren't as crappy (I hope).

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Revenge of the Fusions

For a character that I'm not trying to design until Arc 4.
(not pictured: Orihime from Bleach and Gum from Jet Set Radio)

If you're curious as to what this fusion would entail, you may look it up here:
Rock-Aozora 4 Boss name concepts

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Scrapped concepts: "New Super Justin Bros" Fruit Gang

For maximum effectiveness, read the blog while listening to this:

After some thinking, I decided to re-show show some concepts for something that died along with Super Justin.

Back in 2008, Deepercutt released his Youtube Poop "HIT ME!!!", being my first exposure to the One Piece universe, and the following year I suddenly got the idea to remake New Super Mario Bros with Justin (of course) in Mario's place with some Sonic-themed gameplay and speed elements and with harder, Mega Man-styled bosses all powered by Devil Fruits, while Justin was stuck with using traditional Mario-styled powerups which didn't reach the same effects power-wise.

These "Fruited characters" would all replace the encounters against Bowser Jr. and each of the World bosses, fighting with the strategy and skill of a Mega Man boss.

Wile their names of the Fruit Gang above (sans the one on the far left- see below) have been lost in time thanks to the shutdown of the Super Justin Wiki, the Devil Fruits they would've used is still present.
The pixel art shown above was made on February 28th, 2009, a month before I entered the online world). From left to right, this would've been the order the player would've met and fought them:

1-Fortress: Gomu Gomu (Rubber)
1-Castle: Bomu Bomu (Bombs)
2-Fortress: Baku Baku (Eating)
2-Castle: Bane Bane (Spring)
3-Fortress: Toro Toro (Strange liquid, changed to Water in this game)
3-Castle: Chi Chi (Custom Blood-based fruit)
4-Fortress: Beri Beri (Orbs)
4-Castle: Goe Goe (Sound/Voice)
5-Fortress: Shari Shari (Wheels)
5-Castle: Hie Hie (Ice)
6-Fortress: Kochi Kochi (Hardening body parts)
6-Fortress 2: Toge Toge (Needle/Spikes)
6-Castle: Mera Mera (Fire) (related to Goro user)
7-Fortress: Supa Supa (Blades in limbs)
7-Castle: Goro Goro (Electric) (related to Mera user)
8-Fortress: Horo Horo (Ghosts)
(Anything beyond would've used the game's more major villains, who aren't powered by fruits)

Below are artworks that accompanied the drawing of the pixel art of the characters above, which are both as of now seven years old. By then my knowledge of One Piece itself was only a year old and when the seven-character group was drawn (on May 11, 2009), it wouldn't be until five months later when I would give the series le boot and put Zora in it's place.
The following art (minor Nightmare Fuel warning) predated the above by about a month (April 2nd), and showed the World 3 bosses exclusively, including the "Chi Chi no Mi", the game's only exclusive Fruit.

In-between the two artworks, the Gomu Gomu no Mi user also got individual artwork of his own, on May 1st. He is the only one with his name still known: Hota. (Which ironically stands for "Firefly", nothing in relation to his rubber-themed powers.)
Do not take this as a sign that these characters may return in some way (and if they do, don't expect them to be put into Aozora or any other actual "series" for that matter). They're far enough away from Super Justin that there should be no problem showing them off. Especially since I feel like I could do a "Draw this Better" scenario to show how different the characters would look in this age after seven years of absence.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Champ Ms. Pac-Em Maze Collection V2

Well what do you know, I'm posting this again.

For those of you that don't know, Champ Ms. Pac-Em is an unofficial port/remake of Ms. Pac-Man for DOS that adds in a plethora of new features through "Champ" mode, including new (albeit poorly-designed) mazes, a new hazard in the Pellet Machine that re-adds in pellets that have been removed, and an ice cube powerup that freezes ghosts temporarily.

This is a revamp/improvement of my previous maze collection from 2012 which includes a different set of mazes, including the newest version of the standard eight (original) mazes shown below, as well as the redesigned "CHAMP" maze.

To play them, simply stick them into the same folder that your Champ Ms. Pac-Em .exe is in. Also make sure not to change their file names, as the game only recognizes "MSP##.MZ"
Also if you want video footage demonstrating the action:

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Blonde Hair Intensifies

You'll probably notice that a lot of my crummy fusion ideas are the result of combining two or three characters with similar aesthetics.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Super Mega Man 10

What the heck is a Super Mega Man? Tune in... some day in the future.