Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sunset Justin

So I guess this is what happened to Justin after his series got canceled back in 2009 to make way for Aozora's Adventure; he became a Sunset Overdrive character obsessed with denim and Hawaiian shirts and split himself into a female counterpart.

...Might make the male my personal avatar, depends.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


If you're curious who the guy in the center is, it's Wells form the obscure MMORPG Zone 4.
Yet another example of "Good or otherwise decent character design in otherwise mediocre game".

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Otaku-Ball: First Public Release!

It's been a while in the making, but my first major project is now ready for release!

This here is Otaku Ball, a game of mine that I jointly developed with "Mr. Block" (with him doing all the programing/coding). Designed to be a tribute to the genre, Otaku-Ball is an advanced Breakout clone made in the LÖVE engine that brings forth some of the best design concepts from different Breakout and Arkanoid clones (such as Aquanoid, Electranoid, Krypton Egg, Alpha Bounce, and Blast Thru) into one convent package. It comes with around 40 different block types, 135 powerups and power downs, and a handful of other features.

Otaku-Ball also includes a fully functional editor- with access to many handy tools for developing one's own levels and level sets. You can also adjust the powerup drop rates for each level/levelset to your liking.

Since this is only the first release, there are a number of features that are planned to be implemented in future releases, such as detailed field backgrounds, other enemies that aren't just the Electranoid Menacers, original sounds/music (the current version uses sounds ripped form other sources), and a full campaign with many different worlds, pathways, and boss battles. Twinks to existing features may also occur for better balancing.

Experience the thrill yourself:
DOWNLOAD (contains 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X versions)
(love2d forums link for source file and Linux version)
Feedback, improvement suggestions, and bug reports are much appreciated.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The final WARWOMAN: M-11

Several years ago, I made a series that was intended to be my take on a “battle androids” series, which I dubbed “WARMAN” as the title characters were initially an all-male group of humanoid war machines sent to dispatch a hostile alien race. The series was meant to blend in extreme action and a small amount of fan service, as all the WARMEN have exposed chests made of artificial skin as tough as steel. The idea was to create a series that both men and women would enjoy (the former enjoying the intense action and badassery of the main characters, the latter enjoying the clean, refined, and muscular builds of those same characters).

As time went on and more models got designed, I started getting feelings this the series would be too focused on male fan service even with one of the models being a female (despite the lack of camera angles that if the series materialized into game/animation/comic would intentionally show off the exposed chests or in a few cases- rears of the models), possibly to the point where it would drive away certain types of viewers, primarily straight men that wouldn’t find even the hyper-action or general badass-ness of the series a saving grace. Plus with recent controversies form the past two years about portraying females in fiction, and the otherwise low count of main female characters in the series up to this point (which clocks in at just one), I began working on a new game-plan.

In December of 2015, I launched a successor project in the form of “WARWOMAN”, which is focused on female models (with a 1:5 m/f ratio) as opposed to the male-dominant WARMAN line of models (which had a 9:1 m/f ratio) so I could better represent women that can both look good while still being dominant forces having immense strength, knowledge, and wielding powerful weaponry and other tools. Earlier that year before WARWOMAN’s creation, I had begun searching for artists to design up the appearances of the WARMEN- the different design styles of each artist becoming a plot point for the multitude of different scientists that would create the WARMEN in-universe.

Below is the original WARMAN design document; which shows off the current designs as well as the design specifications that documents how a WARMAN or WARWOMAN is built:

As of early August 2016, the main first lineup of WARMEN were completed after four years since the series’ beginning in July 2012, with M-08’s creation. Oh the other hand, the WARWOMEN have had all their members designed as well.. with the exception of one: M-11 WARWOMAN, the protagonist of the WARWOMEN chapter.

This is her basic appearance/documentation on the blog entry that also gave rough design concepts for the other models prior to their completion:

“Female, balanced build, has medium-length hair that extends down to her neck in some kind of exotic style (like a pseudo-bobcut), shares some personality traits with M-10, being the heroic determinator who acts on the serious side and is a bit of a tomboy”

For a more direct guide to her appearance, along with the specifications shown on the blog post:

>Anime-esque art style, to match M-07 and M-10’s style. She would be facing forwards (ala M-07 and M-10 or off to the right.

>Her main color is #088468 (teal or turquoise), which is the color of her eye and hair.

>Her body shape is moderately slim but still displays some muscle, and her height is 6’10’’ (2.8 meters). The body should look like a 22 or 23-year old female's.

>She sports a moody tomboy/boyish personality, but still has some feminine traits. Kinda reckless in fights, and doesn’t smile often.

>Her hair is short, arranged in a messy but exotic short-cut which goes down to the backside of her neck. (A bobcut of sorts is probably the one I see her with the most)

>Her breasts are a non-dropping F-cup, which is smaller that M-07 and M-13's H-cup and M-12 and M-14's G-Cup, but larger than M-15's E-Cup. Her hips are not as wide as some of the other models (though still large by normal human standards), but her buttocks are noticeably rounded and thick.

>Her highly-detailed armor is colored various shades of blacks, grays and dull/pale teals. In addition, there would be a small amount of visible scars and other forms of damage on the armor.

>Her chest, back, and the upper half of her thighs, including her buttocks are made of skin, with some muscle on the chest. Every other part of her body (excluding of course her head) is armored up with many pieces of metal, like the other models.
>>the lower or upper halves of her breasts (your preference) are covered with armor to form a one or two-piece “bra” of sorts that does not show (or otherwise hint at) the nipples under the armor.
 >>The vaginal area is also covered in armor, which extends to covering her privates under the cleavage of her buttocks. Her legs/buttocks can also be covered in a skintight black material.

Once she is completed, I will declare the WARMAN/WARWOMAN series fully finished for now. SKYMAN will be saved for a later day.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Motos (Sharp X68K Arranged Soundtrack)

Here's another OST for you all; this is a recorded collection of songs used in Namco and Dempa's conversion of Motos for the Japanese Sharp X68000 computer. Contains songs in both internal and MT-32 sound formats.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

SJB comes up with a new game idea/concept

Transcript form a Discord chat:

So uhh

I just got this game idea of sorts

from Paper Mario Color Splash

It's a FPS where you play as a white humanoid cartoon figure of sorts with simple features and a vacuum on their left arm and a small gun on their right. On team gametypes, each team is decorated with a different texture, such as polka dots vs stripes, or are drawn in a different style, such as heavy shading/outline versus metallic shading/outline. Additionally, there's red-outlined versus blue outlined.

The world is completely white, outside of objects/structures that have color.

You have to run to a color, absorb it, send it to your gun, and you get one of several different weapons depending on what color you absorb. Some colors vanish into white when absorbed and slowly regurgitate over time, while others don't.

Something like a reverse De-Blob/Epic Mickey/TAG.

Then you use the acquired weapon to defeat enemies or other players.

You can vacuum up to three segments of color, if you vacuum up three of the same color, you get lots of ammo for a basic weapon.

But if you vacuum up a variety of colors, they mix and you end up with other, stronger weapons that usually cost more ammo to use.

There'd be three primary weapons, three secondary weapons, and six tertiary weapons, along with three others.

Red, Blue, and Yellow,
Orange, Green, and Purple,

Vermillion, Amber, ChartreuseTeal, Indigo, and Magenta.

There'd also be three other miscellaneous colors, WhiteBrown and Black.

When you vacuum up the colors you want, you then send them to your gun, which changes in color and shape to a new weapon.

Red Yellow and Blue are the most common colors, but you can also find the secondaries, tertiaries, brown, and black naturally.

though they're rare, especially the tertiaries and black.

So there's a bit more of a puzzle element, unlike say, Splatoon.

You begin with white, which gives you a small white pea-shooter that is only good for finishing off weakened targets. You also have a standard melee attack that can be used with any weapon set.

Red, Yellow, and Blue are basic weapons that have tradeoffs between power/bulletsize and speed/RoF

Orange, Green, and Purple are standard shots that apply special effects: Spread for Orange, Rebounding for Green, and Explosive for Purple.

The tertiaries are where you get the more varied weapons.
Vermillion is a mini/chain gun with a godly RoF,
Amber is a sword with high power,
Chartreuse is a homing missile launcher,
Teal is a rocket launcher,
Indigo is a grenade launcher,
and Magenta is a sniper rifle.

If you try to mix colors that aren't compatible (Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Yellow and Purple, or all the three Primaries at the same time), you get Brown which gives an "All-Purpose Rifle" that outclasses the three Primaries, having a perfect balance in RoF/Speed/Power.

Black gives your character armor which temporarily reduces the power of attacks that hit you when you absorb it.

While your weapon is out, you can continue to vacuum other colors and prepare for a new weapon to replace the current one when it runs out of ammo or is no longer desired. If you are able to produce the same color as the weapon you currently have, it restocks ammo.

This idea is heavy WIP so if I decide to go with it; things will be subject to change.

For the name, I'm thinking of calling it "PrismaBlaster".

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3D Maze Man Improvement Mod

After releasing a definitive(?) OST rip of 3D Maze Man, I stumbled across a download of the game and it's four Mission Pack Sequels that had the contents of the games in folders instead of packed into an EXE. So what happened? I decided to splice together parts of two of the five games- 3D Maze Man: Winter Wonderland and 3D Munch Man II and insert them into 3D Maze Man, with a few other minor aesthetic adjustments.

Below you can get a taste of what was changed:

Some of the texts in the game were adjusted, and two of the sounds (Extra Life and Death) were changed.

The infamous and broken Mystic Mazes 9 has been replaced with a Munch Man II maze in order to keep the Haunted House area a consistent length and make the Mystic Mazes level set fully playable. Since the other mazes that used the theme weren't corrupted or non-functional, they remain intact.

Another Munch Man II level appears to increase the length of the Medieval Castle area, placed in-between the seventh and eighth levels of Mystic Mazes. Similarly, one of the unused levels from the original 3D Maze Man is restored in the Wild West area, in-between the eleventh and twelfth levels of Wild World.

The Winter Wonderland theme has been restored! After being teased on the back of the box in some releases of 3D Maze Man only for the theme to be taken out and given it's own game, half of the 3D Maze Man: Winter Wonderland levels have found their way back into the original. They appear in-between the Toy Land and Infinite Space themes in Fantasy Zone.

Download the mod here.
To run this in modern Windows systems, you must set the compatibility mode to Windows 98/Me and run at a 640x480 resolution. 256 colors is also recommended.

Additional note: All my attempts at adding 3D Frog Man mazes and assets to 3D Maze Man completely fell flat; so I can't do a "3D Maze & Frog Man".

This is a non-profit project; it is recommended you only download it if you already own or have bought a copy of 3D Maze Man or one of the other games in the series back when they were being sold.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

3D Maze Man OST

Here's another OST, ripped and edited to be as accurate as possible to the original game. This time it's 3D Maze Man, a Pac-Man clone form 1998, and one of my childhood favorites. It's a somewhat controversial game, between being bundled with all sorts of suspicious programs and getting pulled from the market in 2000. On the plus side it has some great tunes, composed by Ariel Gross.

This soundtrack has the themes of all ten worlds across all 5 games in the series (3D Maze Man, 3D Maze-Man: Winter Wonderland, Ms. Maze: Tropical Adventures, 3D Frog Man, and 3D Munch Man II).

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Understanding the Concept of Love... and Racing.

Here I am, back with another stupid fusion concept. Terry x Beat.
This one I already did eons ago over on Twitter, but then I redid it with a newer Beat render so the two were both CG'd. Plus the perspectives aren't as crappy (I hope).

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Revenge of the Fusions

For a character that I'm not trying to design until Arc 4.
(not pictured: Orihime from Bleach and Gum from Jet Set Radio)

If you're curious as to what this fusion would entail, you may look it up here:
Rock-Aozora 4 Boss name concepts