Sunday, July 6, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

Based on a true story

Your guess is as good as mine as to why these two decided to get hitched in Tomodachi Life.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Marihoe Karting Figure 8

Yes I made a video.

And yes it's at 50cc since I just started the game earlier today. I spent three hours on the sucker and got a temporary sore thumb after six GP's worth of racing.
Once I unlock more crap and get races that aren't just a "derp I can race" sequence, they'll exist.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Battle Lode Runner (PC Engine) Soundtrack Gamerip

After seemingly no attempts at a game rip recently of the Japanese-only Battle Lode Runner (which got a release outside Japan via Virtual Console), I went out of my way and recorded all the songs used in the game.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Pokemon: the SJB Fanon Type Chart

And so here it is: The type matchup chart I will use for any Pokemon-styled fan game I make.

To make it, I used this:

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Battle(Poké)Toads

Horry for shoddy demaking skills!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The downfall of the Pac-Man tribute project

Greetings everyone.
Originally I had written a post on this before a few months ago, however I decided to rewrite it with a more mature approach along with some backstory.

Let me introduce you to Shaun LeBron, the key developer of the iOS title Pterodactyl Attack and for some time was the owner and creator of an online incarnation of Pac-Man that was in-developent for some time until Namco Bandai reared it's ugly heads into the window and shot down the project's GitHub page, failing to see the concept of a fan-made non-profit tribute. I'm sure if this project was made in Japan it would be safe, as games that are obvious clones like Rosenkreuztilette have existed far longer and are much more well-known than this project, and no form of copyright from Capcom has slain those series' existences.

The project was simply known as the Pac-Man Tribute Project, and it's final version prior to it being canceled can be found here.
The biggest part of the project to some was it's extreme accuracy to the original Pac-Man (something that even World's Biggest Pac-Man, something that was sponsored by NBGI themselves couldn't even get halfway right), but it's primary selling point was the "Cookie-Man" variant, which generated randomly-built mazes that a good Pac-Man maze designer would create, and something that would be appropriate for an actual arcade Pac-Man title designed professionally. An in-depth document showing how level generation is done is shown here.

As I was going through a huge Pac-Man phase at the time, including creating hacks of the Atari 7800 Pac-Man titles, I was able to find Shaun's project through some careful Googling, and from there I found his e-mail and began discussing with him my own ways in which his tribute project could be taken to the next level, incorporating new design elements from various unauthoritised Pac-Man clones, the most obvious being the two Champ Pac-Em titles developed for DOS by CHAMPrograming, as well as the massively lesser-known Ultra Pac-Man featured in the "Super ABC" board released as a conversion kit for Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man cabinets. Elements from Pac-Man Plus were also suggested, along with a newer maze generator that allowed for a wider selection of map designs with Cookie-Man. Also suggested was both a level and a level-set editor, allowing the tribute project to serve as a platform for one's own Pac-Man fan-game.

If you want the full resources collection I supplied to Shaun last year, you may acquire them below:

Shaun at first welcomed these suggestions happily, even declaring me a conceptual artist, but due to development on his other project Pterodactyl Attack, as well as the above mentioned troubles with NBGI, Shaun would have to delay updates to the project.

I contacted Shaun later on a few more months down the line, and he still seemed interested in doing the Pac-Man tribute project revival, though as stated before Pterodactyl Attack would remain his big project, and come November the same year, he states that because of lack of interest and worry of Namco Bandai striking again (and possibly the complex nature of my features), development on the Pac-Man Tribute Project was canceled. In it's place, Shaun had discussed the possibility of making an educational legal guide about how Pac-Man worked rather than developing a game that recreated the existence. I contacted him back further questioning the cancelation of the project, and he announces his idea to terminate our short-lived friendship by blocking me on Twitter and ignoring any and all e-mail attempts since I had tried convincing Shaun to revive the project after he stated the eventual fate of the project in Janruary.

Shaun, wherever you are, and if you're reading this, please accept my apology for making a fool of myself and not understanding the legal troubles that you went through and were trying to avoid with this project at first. I wish you with the best of luck on any further projects that you may decide on, including Pterodactyl Attack. If you begin responding to my e-mails again and un-block me on Twitter, I promise I will not pester you to continue the project you canceled. I'll just wait till I learn programing myself and create the revival from scratch, or find if anyone out there wants to experiment with this and bring it into existence with altered graphics and etc. to remove the Pac-Man feeling and make it less likely to encounter legal troubles (complete with disclaimers).

On an unrelated note, happy 5th anniversary to this blog.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



No I am not posting these directly onto deviantART. Facejobs don't count as real art.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Best Game for Wreck-It-Ralph

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Get it? Because he's named Wreck-it Ralph and the game's called Wrecking Crew.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A disturbing Famicom game just got HORSE

Eh, it was bound to happen eventually.
(The game pictured above is Touhou Kenbun Roku (東方見文録), an unknown Japanese-only Famicom game, for good reasons.)

Also my first Pony post... yay?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Java Troubleshooting

Hello everyone.

Recently Oracle made an update to their utility known as Java. Since then I haven't been able to start up any online Java applications, even to the point where the Java Icon doesn't appear on my Dock and a Java console window won't appear on the top-left of my screen. It may be related to my home folder not being in the same hard drive as my system's Library (Java Preferences do not allow me to change the location of the main Java data files).
I also should note I have Adblock on. Because screw you I don't want any spyware and tracking cookies on my Mac.

If you want to help, I need some checking with what I have checked under "Advanced":

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tetris Printer Algorithm

First off, Happy new year to all my readers!

I know this thing has already existed for seven months on the internet and was spread around to death, but I do want to make my say on this little project from Michael Birken:

This is a tool designed with the mind of making pixel art out of Tetris blocks, explained in full detail at this link. As a quick Tl;DR version, basically by placing and eliminating just the correct blocks and rows on an enlarged Tetris board (20 blocks wide), you can form pixel art of up to 8 colors. After seeing this I contacted Michael about the possibility of making an online tool for taking low-res pixel art and turning it into a GIF image that simulates the experience of the video above, and he considered it as a "Part II" of the algorithm.

As for the artist's edge of things, I'm still not really in full swing yet. Damn you Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch and your large online community!

Monday, December 23, 2013

SMB1 Snow

I guess you can say this is somewhat fitting, considering Christmas coming within the next two days from when I'm typing this.

Here is a faithful reconstruction of the "Super Mario Bros. Snow Editon" featured as a challenge in NES Remix. I'm hoping this gets dumped and distributed online like what eventually happened with Donkey Kong Classic and Mario Bros. Classic. 

Anyways happy holidays.