Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The continuing hunt for more Japanese SMB hacks/roms...

Yea I know, another post in such a short amount of time. Man, I really need to get my a## onto deviantART and write a new journal there. But since I'm here, and because Blogger lets you put pictures and full videos into your posts, I thought this would be a better place to discuss things.

Now if you read one of my final posts of 2010, you may remember I had my mind set on a Japanese hack of the ever-so-popular Super Mario Bros; entitled Mario Evolution True 2. Now believe it or not, there is actually many more hacks that originated from that region, with a handful of them featuring altered soundtracks. Unfortunately though, with the exception of the ones posted on this thread over at board2, it seems .ips download links for the other hacks remain hidden. I believe they are present on Japanese socializing site 2ch, but the site's suggested language make it very difficult to find the hacks, and even if I was to succeed in snagging them, the .ips would probably not work because the Japanese perhaps uses a different program that's not LunarIPS or MultiPatch to patch their hacks, and thus the .ips files are not compatible with the well-known American programs.

As I had stated with Mario Evolution True 2, the main reason why I am collecting these hacks is because, besides just enjoying the levels, I like ripping the music in .mp3 format so that it can be put onto a popular .mp3 player. This I have already done with several different Famicom titles not related to Mario, but since I want to keep my collection of .mp3s growing, these are my next big plan for updating the library.

The music rips are part of a series I like to call "Mario Hack Series Recordings", which as it's name implies, is a series consisting of custom BGM used in various SMB hacks, regardless of the original author(s) of the hack. Below is a link to download the current set of 11 songs in the series, featuring custom BGM from seven different (and well-created) hacks.

Now what's in for the future of this series? Well as of now, these are the hacks I would like to rip/record the soundtracks of following the ones mentioned above (again, besides just playing them for fun).
*NEW*SUPER MARIO ABC!!!- A difficult puzzle hack where you basically play a level as Luigi and try to get into a pipe positioned inside the B. Interestingly, the letter Z is absent.
*NEW*Transformers Mario- Based on the (well-hated) Famicom title "Transformers: Convoy no Nazo", this hack pits you in control of Mario trying to rescue Luigi. There is only one level, which is a re-creation of 1-1 from SMB, except the underground bonus area which is replaced by several rooms where the goal is to kill all enemies, then enter a pipe to go to the next one. Items and enemy behavior are adjusted, and music and sounds are configured to sound like Transformers: CNN. The game can end in three different ways, but only one of them is considered a "good" ending.
DESIRED RIPS- Title Screen, Overworld, Underground
STAR REMIX- A well detailed hack where you play as a star going to rescue a Fire Flower while avoiding different colored halos. Contains 4 levels.
DESIRED RIPS- Overworld/Underground, Underwater, Ending
ELEGANCE- A decent hack that starts of as a remake of the original SMB with minor edits to graphics and excellent BGM remakes, then evolves into a difficult hack that spans 8 levels, including a spooky ninth level achieved by entering a warp zone in the first stage.
DESIRED RIPS- Overword, Underground, Toad's Path, Toad's Greeting, The Spooky 9th World, Princess Rescue
NULLPO/NULL POINTER EXCEPTION-A single level hack with custom BGM that pits Mario against Shift_JIS characters that Mario kills instantly on contact. Features the same fake pass-through blocks as Sakura.
DESIRED RIPS- Overworld, Ending
AUTOMATIC- Probably the easiest Mario hack ever, where you are constantly locked in walking straight to the right. Four levels, and a somewhat random ending.
NINJA MARIO SKY- An extremely difficult hack where Mario is re-colored black and blue, and is able to move faster horizontally. He can turn in mid-air at a sharper rate, and must abuse glitches to win. Features some custom graphics, and most importantly, an epic remix of the original castle theme from SMB.
SUSIE POPAI BOSS- An incredibly bizarre six-level hack where Mario is put up against enemies with his own image. Many should recognize the Underground theme as being Geno's Forest from Super Mario RPG, but I'm mainly focused on all the other songs in the hack. I should also mention it has two different endings, with the "bad" ending being very similar to the instant-death paths from the Kamikaze Mario series.
DESIRED RIPS- Into Level, Overworld, Dungeon, Underwater, Ending
ULTIMATE BRUTAL ALL-VERTICAL- a single-level hack which features a 8-bit rendition of popular Touhou project song U.N. Owen Was Her. You constantly ascend in one long vertical level with killer jump abilities and Koopa-like enemies that instantly wake up when you stomp them.

Now yes, I know many of these hacks would be considered "hardcore," and I would have excessive difficulty reaching the chance to record some of them, but I can just input the Game Genie code "AETLTK" into the emulator and I can jump as high as I want.


Kene O. said...

Actually, all of the Japanese hackers use .IPS patches. .IPS patches are excatly the same, and they will serve exactly the same purpose when using Lunar IPS.


Anonymous said...

http://smbarchives.run.buttobi.net/up/file/148.zip mario vs yellow devil + some new versons of mario vs airman, yellow devil cant beat becau he stands still http://smbarchives.run.buttobi.net/up/file/147.zip Transformers Mario yes the same as the one you were talking about more hacks later

Anonymous said...

http://ipsredistributio.run.buttobi.net/ mario ABC is here as some load of other hacks http://home.n05.itscom.net/garuna/page012.html STAR REMIX, ELEGANCE and even more custom music hacks can be found there

Anonymous said...

http://ipsredistributio.run.buttobi.net/file/abc.ips Super Mario ABC learn your abc's the Super Mario way http://ipsredistributio.run.buttobi.net/file/nonstop.ips nonstop Mario, mario with custom music, when he gets a fire flower he looks like a clown. More comming soon

Anonymous said...

http://ipsredistributio.run.buttobi.net/up/030031.lzh weard bunch of hacks. There is a earler verson of garuna's "fire flower", a hack with custom music in which Mario is a wizard

Anonymous said...

http://chaos128.blog75.fc2.com/blog-entry-3.html MIRACLE MARIO BROS found thisv hack. No custom music but still very cool

Justin De Lucia said...

@Kene O.

I understand. Unfortunately it appears some hacks do not work with NEStopia, which is why I thought the Japanese use something other than Lunar .ips to create their patches. Thankfully i have a Windows with another emulator that actually can run ROMS that don't work on NEStopia.


Thank you very much for the links. Apparently that's all the hacks I need for now, although I am still missing Nullpo, Automatic, Ninja Mario Sky, and Susie Popai Boss. So if you can keep searching, that would be great, if not, thanks for the help. ;)

Anonymous said...

Justin, I dont I can because it's too hard to find them. Also a site called infoseek.co.jp had a lot of mario hacks but when I go onto that site it says that its website hosting bizness is gone as of haloween 2010. I think those hacks were on infoseek but i've never seen them on any site ever. I want you Justin to put all the hacks I sent you into a zip file and upload them all the hacks but not till both of us get a good number of high qualaty hacks. I want to preserve those hacks so people in the year future can play them long after their websites are gone. I will send some tools and websites to find you find some hacks, goodbye for now.
PS call me "whata"