Sunday, January 23, 2011

SONG GET! (+Cool Angry Birds Skit)

Here with a quick update. I recently found out the song I was trying to describe in the previous post is actually "Ravers Fantasy" by Manian. Apparently so my expected lyrics matched only the beat of the song, but after three good years, it's good to finally be able to listen to this again, and this time actually have it on my iPod.

Believe it or not, there actually exists multiple versions of this song. The one I'm more well-known with (and probably the best one by far) is the "Tune Up" version shown below:
And because I'm a bit of an Angry Birds nut, I would also like to show off this clip from Comedy Central's tosh.O comedy television series.
If the above embed window doesn't appear/work, you can just go to the official page to see it.

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Joe said...

Bob and and Tom have this hilarious skit called "The Guy Who Would Rather Play Angry Birds Than Have Sex."

Thanks to those two i have become very interested in Angry Birds. Unfortunately I don't have any hardware to play it on. But i won't let a little something like never having played the game stop me from doing my own little tribute.

(by the way, when i put a link in my name, it's not always to my site.