Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mario & Luigi DOS hack Gameplay

Well hello once again everyone. This is my first post of the new month (and no, it has nothing to do with Groundhog Day, which was just yesterday).
But anyways, Check out what I scouted out on Youtube today.
This is a gameplay video of my rather short Super Mario World hack Mario & Luigi, which was my effort around a year ago to re-create the Super Mario DOS clone under the same title. Sometime after it was released, Youtuber DarkMurdoc666 did a complete playthrough of the hack, and went through all 6 of the main levels. He did miss the secret areas in several of the stages, but that's pretty much the whole purpose about secrets.

Speaking of SMW hacking, sometime in the future, I plan to gather a team and develop a much longer hack of my own w/ more levels than this one. Proving that my SMW Central account is still active and not defunct for my long inactivity.

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