Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little head's up about upcoming artwork...

NOTE: This post may get a little suggestive. Sorry. ^^;

Yea, I'm updating the blog once again because I'd like to explain something. First off, I'm only directing this to those that have deviantART accounts, because, well, it's somewhat 15+ rated, so that means this picture will probably be tagged with MC (though I feel it's not necessary, but who cares :?).

But anyways, the reason why I'm explaining this is so that people aren't going to nag about it once I submit the artwork, because it relates somewhat to rejected content from my old, pathetic series, which I had forgotten about well over a year ago. By rejected, I mean that not long after I introduced the series around the web, these characters were soon discontinued because I just felt like not having those type of characters in the series. As I have stated over a million times in the past, Super Justin is guaranteed not to make a return, because I feel as if I wrecked lives enough with myself as an anime boy stomping around town. And besides, these characters won't probably remind you of Super Justin, although I did pair up one of the characters with Justin (which I removed from dA, and besides, hardly anyone probably saw it).

The characters mentioned above are actually nagis, female human-snake hybrids, which I designed not long after I decided to put characters from Rosenkreuzstilette into my old pathetic and sad excuse of a "franchise" (and trust me when I say this, I regret ever doing so). The main of the three, whom I called Ziki, is a busty blue/pink/violet nagi with a pink tail. She has an abundance of blue and pink body paint, a trait also shared by Kurayami, an antagonist from my current series, Aozora's Adventure. Ziki was originally intended to be one of the central love interests with my cartoon-self, but she was soon rejected in favor of me instead being interested in Trauare Wrede (yea I know, another sad and pathetic idea). I only posted two artworks of Ziki on dA, both which were done long before I joined dA, and now both images are now in storage. One of them pictured her alongside myself, and the other was just solo artwork. Once again, I'm pretty positive no one whom had a permanent grudge against my series knew about her or saw the artwork(s), but incase you did, forget that she had anything to do with or even knows about Super Justin.

The other two nagis, Lsa and Musi, were originally intended to be the offspring of Ziki, with Lsa inheriting the playfull and cheerfull personality of Ziki, and Musi being a dark, gothic figure. They both wear an abundance of body paint, again like their mother. In this re-drawing of them, I plan to discard them being daughters of Ziki, and just make them sisters or relatives. Nothing else.

So that's it. If you don't like this concept, then just keep your mouth shut and don't give a darn about the art once it's released, Otherwise, well;.. take a wild guess.


The Yoshi Dude said...

Hmm. It's an ambitious idea, and i do prefer snakegirls. It's a shame it used to be for a failed series. At least they're brought back to a better idea.

Justin De Lucia said...

Well the three snake-girls will not be in Aozora's Adventure. I just want to draw them so maybe they'll get some respect and love from people. Hopefully not many people will be disappointed I want to draw rejected characters from a rejected "franchise".