Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updates for mid-June.

Hi SJTB readers. Good to be here. As usual, there's nothing going on, I'm just sitting in front of my Macintosh browsing the Internet, sipping on some Pepsi. Nothing all important. I'm just very bummed out with nothing to do. Tomorrow is my birthday, but I highly doubt it will cheer me up, since it just so happens to be on the last day of classes for me. After that day, I have to do three regions that fall on the same week, which means I have to study a lot. I hope that during the summer, I get to resolve a few friendships and improve on my artwork. Today I was browsing ebay for a couple of items for my birthday, but since my family's account was banned from the site, all because we refused to purchase an item we never received. In fact, the last special event where I actually got items from ebay (not counting last Christmas) was December 2008 for Christmas. (Which, ironically, is around the same time I got Jump Ultimate Stars, which I don't seem to be enjoying as much as I used to, probably because the fun factor died out since I played it so long. If they made a racing game featuring a similar roster, that would be something that would keep me occupied for a while.

If any of you out there happens to like or be a fan of my Aozora Jitsuwa series, I have created a entirely brand-spankin' new blog exclusively for the series. I was just founded last week, so there is only a single post, but feel free to check out how it's doing right now by going here.

If any of you are still wondering about what Kiora's quote "Use copy" meant all this time, forget it. I guess me just saying "I'm fine with the Japanese version that I burned to a disc and encased in an old DVD case with the RKS cover art" without realizing it was only intended for private use only got him upset at me.

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