Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh my god.

Really. I'm speechless. I got back from watching Toy Story 3, and it was DA BAWMB. I was nice to see after pretty much 11 years another film featuring Buzz, Woody and friends. It was exciting, but also epic as hell, especially about halfway through the movie when... I'm not going to spoil the movie for ya, but if you want to go see it, take my advice; you will love it, but be warned, make sure your kids (if you got some) are prepared for what happens in the last quarter of the film, things do get a bit serious.

As for what I think about the third entry in the Toy Story trilogy, it's a good sequel. Although my hands still set on Toy Story 2 as my favorite.

And now, let's break away from Toy Story and talk about a couple other things. As you may have noticed, I am now off from school for the rest of the summer, so that gives me much more time to work on artwork and other stuff and keep myself entertained. I got the pool open, but right now, my family is trying to clear up the pool so it's not green nor foggy. (I don't like pools when they're green, or foggy.) I'm currently working on something right now, and it will probably be done very soon, then after that, I would like to try a few art trades with a couple of my good friends, since I'd really be up to drawing one of their characters.

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