Friday, June 4, 2010

RKS: deviantART Improvement

Well, I'm back. and boy oh boy, do I have a lot to say. First off, it's official. I now have both Facebook and twitter accounts, so if you have one of those, feel free to add/follow me.

But enough talk, time to get serious.
RKSLetsGO.png picture by Superjustinbros
Yes... I just referenced SonSon.

As you can tell, yes, this does have to do with Rosenkreuzstilette, and it's something that I
really have to mention. Now be warned, Super Justin is going to get a couple of quick mentions
here. But like before, its for important reasons.

This is sort of my own personal followup to a recent post written on Schwer and Schwer alike by an okay friend of mine named ViperAcidZX., were he said "I'm not seeing any improvements that's going to change deviantArt's already terrible reputation of "bad" Rosenkreuzstilette fan-art," and "I get the feeling that deviantArt is never going to have its share of quality fan-art for Rosenkreuzstilette as Pixiv."

Now to be fair, there are a few "good" images that pop up on the site every once in a while, not counting the ones I do, but unlike Pixiv (which, JTLYK, is an art-sharing site like dA, but it's all in Japanese.), it happens much more rarely. One of the main situations, is that many of the "good artists," (or as I like to call them, art gods) do not know about Rosenkreuzstilette and are simply unwilling to draw RKS fanart just for the heck of it. So from my own personal point of view, one of the best ways to help get RKS more well-known on dA and increase it's quality of decent/great fanart, is to get these "art gods" to draw Rosenkreuzstilette fanart. And it seems the only way to do that, is by a very hard task; commissioning them.

You heard me correctly, commissioning them. I have no ways of causing any struggle or hurt anyone's feelings, but apparently, that's only what they accept. They will not do requests, art trades, or collabs. Commissions are the only thing that will work. So if that's all they accept, then that's the only way to get these great artists to draw RKS fanart and help spread the word about my personal favorite doujin series. (And not to mention they're probably being watched by a ton of people, so hopefully the watchers of these "art gods" may also buy into it, and attempt some RKS fanart of their own as well. I can't guarantee they will be as good as what the original commissioned artist can make, but at least it'll maybe increase the overall RKS fanbase and it's popularity.) I'm not forcing anyone to commission these artists, so you do not have to take part here. I'm fine just doing it myself.

And now let's move on to the second way we can try to do to help improve deviantART's quality of RKS artwork: getting the Japanese responsible for making the great RKS artwork on Pixiv to come to deviantART and do the same there.

Now that was something that I had repeatedly mentioned on deviantART several times. And the reason was that the majority of Pixiv's selection of Rosenkreuzstilette fanart is (again, no offense) much better than a handful of the artwork the English side of the fanbase could make. And just to further my point, take a look at this brutal and epic fanart of Freudia Neuwahl that's currently available for view only on Pixiv.
ahoge closed_eyes dress elbow_gloves freudia_neuwahl gloves ice monochrome ponytail ribbon rosenkreuzstilette shirato_yuki
Now tell me, Would you like this, alongside a great number of amazing Rosenkreuzstilette artwork done by the people over at Pixiv without deviantART accounts, to be uploaded somewhare onto deviantART so that it's much simpler to find and view them in English? Well, that's one goal I want to accomplish in my life. Well, we already got Hissatsukunn, Dolis Warmind's designer onto deviantART, and he uploaded a great number of his fantastic works, but that's not enough. We need a greater amount of Rosenkreuzstilette artwork done by the people that live in the same region RKS originated. So I'm asking this. If any of you have Pixiv accounts, or have contact information of the users, please try to get in touch with these Japanese RKS artists and invite them onto deviantART so we, the English fans, can experience these great works of art and help out on improving the popularity of the series, as well as the quality of good fan-art on dA. (The one that's most wanted right at this moment is WOMI, the series' offical artist, illustrator, spriter, and character designer, but I'd like the entire pack. (zaku6 and Shizuku, just to name a few of them.)) Like with the commissions, I'm not forcing anyone to help out or join dA, but one very simple thing you can do to help out on deviantART, incase you haven't already, is to remove your Super Justin "fanart" if it's still up. All content containing Super Justin MUST go first before the Japanese can get to dA. So I'll say this one more time. If you ever drew/made something that contains any of my rejects of a characters (the blue-haired myself for example), or my lame RKS censorship BS, GET IT OFF AS SOON AS YOU CAN. The amount of SJ "fanart" has declined over the past few days, but I would like it all gone.

Unfortunately, with every great thing that happens, there are expected consequences.
The first of these, is that it may be difficult for the Japanese to browse, comment, and submit artwork onto deviantART, as the site isn't, and will never be in Japanese. Second, I should take the time to mention, there are loads of pure adult material over at Pixiv, which dA doesn't allow. So they may get into trouble or get banned if they attempt to submit those without realizing that content like that is prohibited on dA but not on Pixiv. Nudity or erotic poses are fine, but anything that's severe adult content cannot be uploaded.

Feel free to do whatever you like to help out. If I need to update/make changes to this post, I'll do so.


B. Lumberg said...
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ShivaDF said...

I think that AmethystViper's post was rather pointed. I feel as if it was not encouraging at all, and did not give enough credit to talented artists.
However, if YOU want us to help clean up the site, I'll try and do my best.