Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Mario World Hack: Mario & Luigi DOS remake

Hi everyone, I'd just thought I'd drop in and mention something real quick about a brand-new Super Mario World hack that I submitted onto SMW Central a few days ago. Unlike the previous time, the hack has been successfully accepted and the IPS patch can now be downloaded from the site.
This hack is a remake of Mike Wiering's "Mario & Luigi" game released for DOS operating systems in 1994, which was not licensed by Nintendo. The original game, plus this hack, is six levels long, with the fourth and fifth levels removed in some versions of the game. This hack is based on the original six level version that is available for download from multiple sites, recreated using Lunar Magic, a utility for creating hacks of Super Mario World. Since the original game itself used multiple features from Super Mario World, I decided to hack that game to make it as accurate to Mike Wiering's original game. But unfortunately, It's isn't an exact duplicate of the original game, as you can carry Koopas, there are no Poison mushrooms, and there is an overworld map that you can use to replay any of the levels you've completed. Rather than replaying the game again with faster speed and higher jump height when you complete the game for the first time, you are instead sent to a bonus area where you can hit message blocks that contain the game's credits.

But enough talk! Head over to SMW Central and download it now!

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SMB Madman said...

Rom itself, please? I can't get patches to work even when patched into the rom :-(