Sunday, June 27, 2010

FAQ: Episode Tsu

NOTE: Like before, none of the questions/answers I write are not intended to be offensive or harm anyone's feelings. If I do, I'm sorry.

Hello SJTB readers, I'm back once again to awnser some more made-up questions some of you may have. Most of it is about deviantART, along with other things, so let's get cracking.

Why do you like drawing anime pictures?
I just love Japanese and Japanese-styled media/artwork. Nuff said.

Why is the rate at which you submit artwork much, much less than last year?
For those of you that ask this simple question, let me sum it up for you. Would you like me to create one good image every few days, or spam my gallery with a bunch of royal s*it? Art takes time to create, especially with anatomy. (For some reason, some of the people I've met care about nothing but the anatomy. But of course, that's my personal opinion. *insert some stupid happy expression here*

Do you accept requests, art trades, and commissions?
Yes, yes, and no. While I do like drawing pictures for my friends and loyal fans, my current skill level prevents me for doing something "decent" without people saying "OMG the anatomy and perspectives are wrong, my eyes are bleeding!" *insert stupid smirk here*
Also, not to mention I have other things to do besides drawing. It's true I have a lot of ideas, but it's just I have to put an awful lot of effort into trying to get the anatomy as impressive as possible. (Remember kids, everyone cares about nothing but anatomy! (and for those of you who do just rate a picture based on it's anatomy, remember to also say your opinions on the other things in the picture, not just the anatomy, as that isn't the only thing to care about.))
Sorry for going off topic, but yes, Requests and Art Trades are open if anyone is interested, But remember, there are rules and guidelines to these, which can be found on my main deviantART profile page. As for commissions, I cannot do them because I don't have my own Credit Card, or a valid Paypal account. But if you're dying to give me one, you can always donate some points or give me a gift subscription, or if all else fails, just ask for a request, because with that you'll save a couple bucks for other uses.

Any new concepts you want to try out soon?
Aside from the other thousand thing I would love to draw, Jenosa Arma from Scurge: Hive. Don't ask why. I just adore her design. (although it looks a bit complex, but hopefully I'll work it out. Another thing that is also in my agenda is a request for my dear mother, and also an art trade for a friend of mine.

Is there anyone you've met online that you would conceder "mortal enemies".
If you must know this, people that strictly hate me in any way, shape, or form.

What happened to that stamp you uploaded on DA?
I took it down because people were getting pissed off at it. It was intended to tell people that the artists with the stamp placed on their profile had fairly great works, but not enough comments from visitors, thus requesting more commenters in general. *like around 20 or 30 per deviation, no matter who is pictured in the drawing.)

What do you conceder the "true meaning" of friends on deviantART?
Both people watching each other. Not one watching the other or vice versa, both watching each other. Even if you dislike the person's artwork, you can always cancel out receiving updates on the person's artwork, or his/her journal updates.

If I need to add anymore questions, I shall.

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