Saturday, October 27, 2012

How do I see Freudenstachel?

Yea, two Rosenkreuzstilette posts in a row.

Not sure if I've really played enough of Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel to give a full heads-on review, so I'll just list my own personal pros and cons.


*State-of-the-art visuals, scenery and sprites.
*Great character design.
*A very in-depth storyline.
*Decent level structure.
*Music selection is much improved over the original game I found myself shedding tears of joy over Trauare's level theme.


*Japanese vocals got repetitive; I found myself muting them.
*Once again, enemy sprites (and some items, tiles, etc) are flat-out taken from other games, re-colored, and just scaled to a larger size. Some of these edited sprites do not fit with the gothic structure of the game as a whole, coming off as cartoonish, and it seems like it wants to cram in "I'm Mega Man 11", with stuff like Strudel's Not-Rush ice sculptures as if we didn't know this was a Mega Man clone from the start. There is a clear difference between tributes/refrencing and theft. Just see Trucks and Skulls. I see no Birds with extensive shading and higher quality in that game.

EDIT: Okay, I see where I may have gone there. Remember when I showcased Fegaman in a previous post? Well, that game uses the original unaltered sprites from both Super Mario and Mega Man, but unlike Rosenkreuzstilette, Fegaman has the balls to admit it's a non-profit fan game and credit where all its material originated, while WOMI never put in "Original Concept © Capcom and all respective owners" on the [erka:es] startup screen.

*Controls seem a bit slippery at times, especially in underwater segments. Freudia seems very heavy and hard to control in water while Cheep Cheeps (yes, the Mario enemy, with the same design) attempt to drown you. I dunno; swimming just worked out so much better in Mega Man 8.
*Schwer-Muta's level is flat out filled with trial-and-error segments, filling it with severe fake difficulty. Thankfully it's not a bad as the first game, but having to fall down a pit that looks bottomless and a quiz room that asks "What classic Mega Man weapon does Freudenstachel allude to?" somehow brings it up a notch. Real difficulty, like those featured in MegaMari, are more welcome.
*Freudia is presented with no new abilities that the protagonist of the previous game, Spiritia Rosenberg, didn't have. No crouching (ala Magical Doropie and Darkwing Duck, the later being a Capcom game), and no 8-way firing abilities (like any Contra game, or Bass in Mega Man 10).
*Taking a cue from the Mega Man X games, upgrades aside from the item that gives you Beat Strudel that enhance Freudia's power, speed, and other factors.
*Freudenstachel uses the same Mega Man 4 passwords (yes, still no proper save feature, despite Mega Man 8, 9, and 10 having such) as the original, yet follows the "Doc Robot" patterns with the Schwarzkreuz. While not what I'd like, Mega Man 3's passwords would allow support for remembering which of the four Schwarzkreuz were defeated.
*Many, if not all, of Freudia's learnable powers seem next to useless, in ways similar to Mega Man 5. This is where I mention Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, where the abilities you learn from the Robot Masters in this game are true upgrades over the Mega Buster, with at least one advantage over the weapon you start with, thus making you want to use those when necessary rather than sticking to your default weapon. Try for yourself and see what I mean.
 *In contrast, any weapon should have a good effect on any boss, with each having resistances to specific (between zero to two) weapons and a weakness to one weapon, which this one weapon should deal double damage.
*A pop-up help screen should be present detailing all the nooks and crannies of every power up accumulated thus far, including upgrades if present. See Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.
*No W-Tank (recovers all the energy for one weapon) or S-Tank (recovers all life and weapon energy for all weapons) support, just your basic E-Tank.
*Lack of shops, present in every Mega Man game since 7.
*Lack of any additional game modes, the biggest being "Challenge" and "Endless". Has WOMI ever played the ninth or tenth Mega Man games?

Just a quick reminder, these are my personal opinions, and I'm sorry if you don't like them. But as I say with people making Breakout clones, it would really, and I mean really help if you played more than just the official Mega Man games and maybe one or two fan clones. Rosenkreuzstilette was the first of the series, so it was fair to expect so little. But there was a massive four-year gap between this and Freudenstachel, so I was hoping for some true balls-to-the-wall gameplay that at least gave out new enemy types with appearances not used by Nintendo or Capcom. While I did enjoy getting it, and it does have it's moments of fame, the first few minutes afterwards of playing and having to think "Knockoff graphics" and "Unimproved concepts" killed the joy for me. Honestly, a big disappointment for me after all the hype, but that's not to say others, like yourself won't enjoy it. If you liked the original you'll certainly love the second, but as for someone that had to mod the first game to get some enjoyment, I can't really say a vanilla Freudenstachel is for me. -___-

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Joe said...

The more I play this game the more it feels unfinished, like a prototype.

Things like Cheep Cheeps, Toadman, and reused graphics and music from the first game to me seem like place holders. This is supposed to be a "finished" game. Stuff like that is causing me to mostly agree with Justin more and more.

Digging into Justin's rip of the graphics and learning how to use DxaDecode ( A Command Prompt? Oh my goddess!) I think a have a theory as to why RKSF looks the way it does.

Turns out it was Womi doing everything. When you're doing something by yourself it takes a lot longer to get it done. On the upside: you can do what ever you want without someone leaning over your shoulder telling you to do something different. On the down side: you don't have someone leaning over your shoulder telling you to do something different.

Fans can be the harshest critics, hopefully the fairest. I think we were all expecting Megaman 2 and got something akin to Megaman II. (Okay, maybe not that bad. More like Megaman X2. Certainly not anything close to Legends 2.) Keep in mind Rosenkreuzstilette is not paying the programmers' bills and getting groceries down their necks. They are doing this in their spare time in between day jobs. So I'm willing to forgive a lot of stuff.