Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mega-Fever continues. Let's have some Crazy Color Combos!

I can't really say this is anything but an experimental project to see every possible color Mega Man/Rockman could achieve across any NES via both original games and fan mods/hacks, using all it's primary colors from the system's pallette (as they appear in NEStopia).

Since the image's size is far too large to upload onto any image-sharing site (and it'd make this blog very cluttered), you can find the image over at this link. I warn you it's a very big image.

Feel free to link the palettes to weapons from Mega Man clones that don't play in classic 8bit style and/or don't feature Mega Man as the main player's character. Or use it for whatever purpose you desire.

UPDATE: Here's one I made for Weapon Energy Pellets and Weapon Energy Capsules.


Joe said...

Did you include the Captain N paint scheme?

Anonymous said...

@joe how do you put links in your comments and how do you make that pop up