Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not tired yet? Here we GO~~~

Well suprise suprise. This blog's going to get another update. But first, some info regarding the "Aozora Nudity Omake". Once again, this blog is meant to be for all audiences, so for anyone interested, refer to a prior post for proper information. Why I'm bringing this up is ever since I first posted on this series, I added three more characters to the roster, but unfortunately for many, this is an all-men update, as you can probably see below.
Since I want to avoid making Super Justin: the Blog dedicated to this one subject (and quite frankly a pesudo-weak one at that), this will be the only other time you will see me posting in regards to the Aozora Nudity Omake. If you're in dire need of receiving any character updates past Neku Sakuraba, Kohtaro Kuga, and Dante, representing The World Ends with You, Shikigami no Shiro/Castle of Shikigami, and Devil May Cry respectively, I'll gladly keep anyone that contacts me via e-mail ( informed on either male updates, female updates, or both. And since I tend to do these types of art at a faster pace (since well, they're done for mostly my enjoyment, but I still show them off for anyone that is into these as well), I may be able to accept character recommendations. Keyword: May.

So that finishes up that story arc. But I'm not done. As I reported on Twitter, I seem to be going through a severe artist's block thanks to the Nudity Omake series. This is causing me to have a bit of trouble on which character of the Aozora's Adventure series I could attempt next that just about anyone could enjoy. Of course it very likely will not be one of my female characters since all of the major females of the series are already done. I am leaning towards Keanu, since his simple appearance may make it a bit easier to accomplish drawing him in comparison to a few others (I won't state any examples). And it'll be your basic profile art. No sexy action scene, though I'll try to do a decent background that's not some abstract design. If you want anything sooner, you can follow my other projects on external sites. I'm sure you're bound to get something if you search my name.

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