Monday, April 19, 2010

For those of you concerned,...

No. I haven't given up drawing. It's just that as I have many other things I want to do besides draw fanart, I haven't been able to complete many in the past few weeks. To word it simply, I'm not stopping or quitting art, but I'm quite busy. At least some of you should be proud of the fact I'm not uploading something every day, which was one major problem that a good number had with me. Everything back then was rushed, making them look terrible. But now they're not as rushed as they were. I put a bit more time and effort in my artwork, which explains why everything looks more detailed and superior to my old stuff. I know by heart it will probably take a long time for me before I "nearly" perfect my art, but we'll see what happens.

And for the haters, please drop those grudges you may have against me. You have no reason to hate and/or ignore me anymore, even if you dislike my artwork. If you were a victim of my terrible troll-like attitude, I made a full-length apology a while ago stating my changes.

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