Friday, April 9, 2010

Salary Man Champ Tatakau Salary Man, an Unknown Japanese Game

Look at this. I actually tried chopping off characters from the back of a Japanese Playstation Game.
SalaryMan.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
^not my art.

Who are these three men? They're the main characters from Salary Man Champ Tatakau Salary Man, a Japanese game originally released in 2000 by Success and Konami. (the later famous for the Castlevania series) for the Playstation. (and after further research, arcades.) It's a "minigame compilation" where these three men compete in several minigames very much like in Mario Party, to prove who's the best.
Don't believe me? here's a TAS that shows the entire game.

This is not my video. I'm just showcasing the only gameplay video that is currently up on Youtube.

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