Monday, July 10, 2017

Mari0: SJB Mod- Final Release

Some of you may recall a game known as Mari0, a game that I've talked (and nitpicked, something I vow never to do again) over for quite some time. With the updated Special Edition pretty much dead since 2015 and the only thing keeping it alive being a slew of fan-created mods, I dunno if I'll ever really be motivated to make content for it or update this personal mod I made from here on out.

This here is what you call the "Superjustinbros Mod", originally made as a companion mod for the mappack I was working on, "A0zora" which later got canceled and put in indefinite hold since it was built to use features that would later be added in SE that never happened. It contains all the features and DLC maps of Version 1.6 (the latest public release) with some minor addons to the editor, reworked Aozora's Adventure-themed graphics, and new music and sounds. There were other features I had planned to add into the mod, but for now this was all I could manage to get into working order.

Note that this particular mod will only work with LÖVE 8.0, the version Mari0 was originally made on before the later 9.0 and 10.0 debuted, and compatibility for Version 10 will likely never surface.

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