Saturday, July 22, 2017

Magicians Dead: Japanese Arcade game

Me and my buddy Prince_David (Youtube link to his stuff) stopped by Round 1 just today and it was a pleasant experience (I wish I could've stayed longer but I kinda already got a feel for the place within a short time).

What made it different from other modern day American arcades was that this place had a number of Japanese imports, mainly fighting games. Shuffled into those Japanese imports (along with some rhythm games that I was surprisingly good at) was the existence of an arcade game titled "Magicians Dead": a game about the St. Rewsberry magicians and the tech-savy machinery users of E.I.X. going against each other in a 3-on-3 arena fighter with a Wii Remote's nunchuck in the left hand and motion controlled-hand gestures in the right.

It controlled weirdly for me the first time, which means I may have to give it more attempts in order to learn the gestures and master it (then again ARMS kinda had the same ordeal). It also means you're not likely to see it on any home console in the future, especially the PS4 where the controls wouldn't be much of a science project and the melee button would be far more closer to you so you don't have to move your hand of of the game's registration signal to use it.

Knowing me, you're wondering "Gee, are you just gonna show off the characters?" Well why wouldn't I, they're one of the best parts of the game IMO. In this case though, the St. Rewsberry characters look a bit too plain and simple for my tastes (don't get me wrong they're still good designs overall)- and aesthetics-wise are nearly outclassed by the E.I.X. characters which just have a lot more going for them.

So without further ado here's the E.I.X. guys, or at least the best photos of them I could find.

[No. 09] Sivan

[No. 02] Dos

[No. 06] Lock

[No. 11] Ice

[No. 03] Harron

[No. 03] Quatre
[No. 08] Tam
(Sadly I couldn't find any good pics of Tam's younger form)

If you do want to see the St. Rewsberry characters, here's a link to the official website's character page.

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