Monday, July 3, 2017

The Crossover Project.

Since around November 2009 (it was so long ago- I don't remember the exact date), I started a hypothetical "crossover roster" for a sort of "spiritual successor" of childhood favorites Jump Ultimate Stars and Mario Kart 64. Since then, the roster was given six total reversions, with Reversion 6, shown below, being the latest version of this roster.

This would be the roster for "Otaku Wars" and "Otaku Kart", once titled around Aozora (him being my primary OC- the only representative of his universe.) and called Aozora's Wars and Aozora R64 respectively. Over the course of seven years, characters were added and chopped, with only one being un-scrapped in-between reversions (Guilty Gear's Dizzy). Reversions 3 and 4, debuting 2013 and 2014, were primarily titled the Sunday vs. Magazine expansion and J-Stars Victory VS. expansion respectively since they primarily added characters from those games.

As of now, I am calling this roster for the two hypothetical projects finalized. With a total of 216 characters, it is almost quadruple the number of playable fighters present in Ultimate Stars.

Since I'm not up for pulling up huge details that I posted long, long ago on this blog, I'll give you an abridged explanation of what each project would entail:
  • Otaku-Wars would be a faster paced and more "chaotic" Ultimate Stars, with the existing characters having heavily revamped and reworked movesets to better suit the faster-paced, somewhat combo heavy gameplay mixed in with some control tweaks. Everyone's outfits/appearances would use their latest incarnations (such as post-timeskip versions), and stages would lose their manga themed borders due to the presence of non-manga characters. Items and supports are also reworked, and the koma system is completely absent- players can only use one character and one support per battle, and the Strength > Laughter > Knowledge weakness chain is completely absent.
  • Otaku-Kart would be Mario Kart 64 but basically made better in every way- Refined controls, improved tracks, better, less rubber banding AI, expanded and better selection of items, some extra modes.
However both concepts kinda fell by the wayside since I'm more focused on my original works (or as original as they can get), thus I have more creative freedom which what I can make rather than having to resort to characters I don't technically own to fill out a roster. There's also the talk on other, official crossovers that characters like Dante, Cloud, and Bayonetta take part of (such as Marvel vs. Capcom and Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS) and I don't feel like treading grounds where both official and fan-made crossovers feature the same selection of characters.

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