Friday, January 13, 2012

Translating "The Classroom with an Alien in it"

Now let me just bring you in on the subject real quick. Two summers ago I got a hold of possibly one of the rarest of children's novels (don't ask why I'm labeling it as such) known possibly under the title The Classroom with an Alien in it and gave it a proper mention. Still today I do not know an exact translation of the title, the author, the illustrator, or the company that published it (Google translate sucks at translating Japanese to Japanese).

Trying to dig deep into the book's source, none of the pages have any sort of readable English or even Engrish (only "Printed in Japan"). I tried typing the title into Google Translate and from there I could look at Japanese results; didn't work. I also tried getting info on the author by assembling his/her name as shown on the book with letters I could find; nothing done.

However, through this experiment, I did receive the following: "さとづまきこ", which could possibly translate to "Sato Dzumaki". And of course searching that didn't work either. All I got was a stupendous search fail of nothing but Naruto-related content and images. So as far as I can tell, I'm perhaps one of the few, if any Americans to know about the book, let alone own it. And if I can somehow learn the language, I can see what exactly the whole thing is about (it's a chapter book, not a manga), but aside from that, it does have some cute images. Definitely a "You Can't Read This" from JewWario.

I cannot translate the book as once again, I do not know Japanese; and even if I had to resort to Japanese sites like Pixiv, I wouldn't risk it as "durrhurr you wrecked Rosenkreuzstilette years ago but stopped therefore you are bad person." So the only thing I must ask from this, if you, or anyone you know of, knows Japanese, please translate the title and/or author(s) of this novel properly into English. Search up it's Japanese name if you have to, heck if I have to gut out anything else from this in order to translate more of this mess, I will.

Good night. I'll see if I can get another thing up soon. What is it? Well can anyone say... WRAPFIELD?

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