Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weird Japanese Novel, What's it called?

Hello everyone. Thought I'd let all of you know about something that just happened to me recently.

Well, okay. Not to me, but today at a Japanese-styled festival which was mostly dancing and drumming, some girl at the stands was selling Japanese novels (alongside a few English c#ap as well) and this one at the stands caught my attention.
WeirdJapanesebook1cover.jpg picture by Superjustinbros
To be honest, I don't know WT# this is called, nor who illustrated it. Thank god it was somewhat of a children's novel (yea, I said children's, don't try to deny it.), so it does have pictures inside. And using the pictures, I was able to identify the story a bit, but right now I want to try and find out the book's title as well as the author(s), and maybe the year it came into existence. Because I just love the art style used on the novel. It's flippin' cute. (yes. I just said "cute")

Oh, and BTW. You want to know a little something? The character's appearences remind me an awful lot on another specific character that maybe is just as unknown but maybe a little more known than the characters in this novel. And I'm not going to tell you whom. If you are dying to know, I'm talking about Taizo Mote from Taizo Mote King Saga. Look it up.

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Anonymous said...

The title is something like "The Classroom with an Alien(s) in it." No clue what it's about though!