Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burn in hell SOPA +MHSR 1.2

Yea today is SOPA's attempt to destroy the internet. You know how just because people watched that movie 2012 that they're going to assume the world'll end this year in December. Well remember when they said the world would end last May? Didn't happen. How about over a decade ago with 2000? Nah. But if this shitty little SOPA law passes, it will bring forth the end of the world for the internet. There are many different things I could say about this issue, so just look around real good and you're bound to find some good articles and sites that oppose SOPA, and that I'm also in favor of. Honestly, these doucebeags don't realize the Internet is meant to be free.

But to go off-subject, here is a minor update for Mario Hack Series Recordings. It only adds two new songs, one from Techno Mario Bros., and the other from Automatic, however it includes some bonus tilesets from these hacks for whatever use. Three of them come from my Photobucket, the other was something stuck on my hard drive and not seen before in the online community.

But yea, Here's the download.


Whata Claus said...

ho ho ho, it's me Whata Claus, christmas came and went and I forgot to post the SMB hacks, oh well, I'll do it when I have time. Anyway I'm back and I have a few things to say.

First off I don't like SOPA because if it passes in the U.S.A. then youtube will have to go down, google will have to go down and even wikipedia will have be shut down because they will to check EVERY video, website or article to make sure it doesn't infringe copyright or else they will all get sued and forced to take down their sites forever. Lot's of websites are gone offline in protest of this outrage, see the protesters main site here.

Even the English language version of wikipedia has gone offline for today in protest so you know it's a big deal.

Thanks for the smb hack music and for the tilesets too, I want you to help me to relish the games out to the public soon.

One last thing, I really like megaman games so I will try to help you with your megaman clone and I might tell you about something that can help you about the game.

Game maker will help you whit the making of your game there is loads of megaman engines for game maker, I think this is the best one,

I also have a friend who I am helping to make make a megaman fan game staring metalman from megaman 2. It's called "Metal Man the dentist of the future", I am the playtester and I also help him plan out the game and I playtest it for him as well, I will give the demo I was given with thornman's stage done but I'm not allouled ): if you want, I might ask him to help you help you if you wan't, he's a good coder and level desiner.

I also need to ask you a question before I go, some quite important.

What will be the sprite style of your game?, Will it be 8-bit style? (megaman 1-6,9,10) or will it be in a different style?, it might help you along the way.

From Whata Claus.

Anonymous said...

What scared me the most about SOPA was that it needn't be the original copyright holder to file a complaint. ANYBODY could.

Say if some nitwit didn't like a guy's picture of Mario or Sonic. He could go running to the government and have that site shut down. What do you think would happen to places like Deviant Art?

There are better ways of stopping piracy. I think most of that rests on the shoulders of big corporations. Does Office really need to cost that much? Do we really need to register 18 different ways since Sunday to even get to the user interface? Why am I made out to be a criminal just because I want a backup copy of my movies and music in case the disks get scratched up or my house burns down?

Anti-piracy schemes only piss of the people buying stuff. It does absolutely nothing to stop actual pirates.