Monday, March 1, 2010

Some more explanations, of some sort. plus more.

I just thought I'd write some stuff because well, I'm bored.

One thing of notice, to start off, is that why didn't I change the name of this blog upon the cancelation of that "series" we shall never speak about again, is because, well, it's part of the name I go by on many of these sites I'm members of. Just thought I'd mention that since any of you happen to be wondering. (or maybe some other thing I won't say)

Another thing I should go and mention is that I have recently began cleaning up my galleries on several sites and remove anything that is no longer desired, and hopefully by doing that, some of you should be pleased. And while we're on the topic of removing things, I filtered out some of the "unnecessary crud" that was in this blog several months back.

As for what else I wanna talk about, well, I have been seeing a lot of Rosenkreuzstilette-related stuff going on over at LiveJournal (no joke), plus this:
...yea. Somehow, out beloved "Hero of Justice" Luste Teuber winded up alongside Metal Man from Mega Man 2 in M.U.G.E.N., and unfortunately, it's just her sprite from the first Rosenkreuzstilette with no alterations whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, I like this idea, but Iwould rather prefer it if she was a bit larger. (the same goes for Metal Man) If you still want to download her, head over to this link.

I'll talk more later, since I have to head to bed.

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