Sunday, April 12, 2015

Firing off the Men's Beam

Since the official site that proudly hosted renders of the game Cho Aniki Zero is now completely dead, I decided to round up the pics I had saved on my computer from that site and post them here.

Download below:
(Should work now, sorry for the wait)

Here you'll find every instance of Idaten and Benten that existed on the site, whenever solo or pared up with Samson, Adam, or Benten's cherubs. If you want art of the other guys, you'll have to look around elsewhere.


Joe said...

Did you check the Internet Archive? Never know what could be there.

Justin De Lucia said...

I did; Even if you use it the links are still 100% dead, since they weren't archived unlike the main site itself.

Joe said...

I'm sure Justin already knows this little trick, I'm simply talking about it for those that may happen across this post in the future.

When doing an Internet Archive search put an asterisk at the end of the URL. Like this* (The IA can be very picky. Things like http, www, and slashes can affect the search results.) Unfortunately it seems not much was saved on this particular site.

This is the trick I use when digging into old sprite sites trying to find anything salvageable.

Joe said...

The title of this post reminded be of this.

Jim said...

Does this dropbox link still work?

Justin De Lucia said...

Fixed, so sorry for the wait.