Monday, January 14, 2013

Not Pac-Man x8 and x8+8

From the creator of A0zora and the Mari0 SJB Mod comes an expansion of StabYourself's newest game Not Pac-Man that will have you on your ankles till the day you succeed.

I'm proud to present, Not Pac-Man x8! Now featuring the four forgotten ghosts, Sue, Funky, Kinky, and Spunky, joining the original ghostly quartet!

Can't defeat the game with so many ghouls running rampant? Thanks to fellow forum member Qcode, you can now play Not Pac-Man x8+8, a special version that adds an additional four Power Pellets to the maze.

Get it here, and happy chomping! ... 

You need LOVE (0.8.0) to run this mod.

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