Thursday, December 27, 2012

The unofficial Mega Man Weapon Color Template

Hey 'ya all! I hope you had an epic holiday season. Sorry I couldn't get something planned for the holidays, but here's a something else I had on my Photobucket for some time to (hopefully) make up for it.

Ever wanted to mess with the colors of Mega Man? With this template, you can easily alter two colors and see how other poses, items, and even the life bar would be affected. Use it for whatever ideas you may have. until then, here's a few examples of this template in use.

If you can't tell, yes I like colors and messing with color palettes. That's what part of being an artist does to you.

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Joe said...

Leave it to Microsoft to screw up something as simple as repainting Megaman. Before all you had to do was set the foreground and background colors and right click the eraser tool. Now you have to copy/paste the whole image and most of the time that doesn't work. It's an issue with Win 7. XP and Vista worked fine. For some reason even when using XP Paint in Win 7 it screws up.

After 3 years the problem hasn't been fixed and it has infected Win 8.

Fortunately low cost alternatives such as Neo Piant and Paint Shop Pro pick up the slack.