Tuesday, September 18, 2012

M-07 WARWOMAN Preview

By now everyone should know about my recent WARMAN series, which I launched earlier last July. Since then I got a brief overview of the series and the series' protagonist M-10 WARMAN posted onto my deviantART. Not long after I began work on M-07 WARWOMAN, the only of the WARMEN to be female, and the only one aside from M-08 WARMAN that remains loyal to the good guys of her team (i.e. wasn't put under control by the Parous).

I made quite a bit of progress on her design; and I'd say by now it's completion ratio is in the late 20's. Her profile art will take advantage of burning in the multiple layers of cell-shading, which I've done previously on M-10 WARMAN.

Since I'm getting "this" close to finally revealing more stuff about Otaku-Ball (I know I've already made a blogpost on it, but this one will describe all the features that will be utilized), I created this little c*appy teaser image within a pathetic timespan of 30 to 40 minutes.

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