Monday, July 2, 2012

A Trip

Already said something along the lines over at my deviantART, but stating from this afternoon, July 2nd to be more precise, I will be leaving to go to upstate New York, high up in the mountains. I will not be back until sometime Friday.

Before then I have worked on finalizing the projects I would bring along with me so they'd all be up to date when I return. These include Bleach Pac-Man (still not done, unfortunately) and my custom level set for Aquanoid.

The post I made on deviantART in my journal fully explains everything about the situation, though I will add; I'm not big into abandoning my home for any time period whatsoever, as leaving behind all my nicknacks gets me worried and stressed easily; plus I won't have access to Wi-Fi over where I'm staying, preventing me from being able to communicate with my friends and followers (not like anyone reads this blog, though). Of course I will be bringing along a 3DS, an iPod Touch, and an iPad, and not to mention a Toshiba laptop, all making sure they're charged up nice and good for the 4.5 hour road trip, though I am bringing along the chargers for each system. I'm also considering bringing along a sketchpad and pencil case; see if I can come up with some designs for Aozora's Adventure while I'm gone.

So yeah that's all I have to say. When I come back Friday, I'll be full throttle with art, games, and stuff.

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