Thursday, February 2, 2012

Requiring assistance finding obscure PC game

If you know me, I like some ancient and forgotten PC games. I'll try to keep this post small and simple.

This is regarding a puzzle game on the computer that was released in the early 2000's (I'm guessing 2003). The basis was that there were multiple marbles enclosed in a large grid-like area, and the marbles were affected by gravity. By clicking on a small button enclosed in-between the marbles, you'd cause pairs of four marbles to move clockwise or sometimes counter-clockwise. When four marbles are arranged in a square of four, or a rectangle of six, they disappear, and clearing all the marbles advances you to the next level. There are instances where if you match them incorrectly, you'll get stuck and have to use one of your ten(?) lives to retry the level, and there are also marble generators that will release new marbles in later levels.

The described game above came as two versions. The classic "30-minute trial" bulls^it that you get when the programers are too lazy to make a version with fewer levels (like all those "Lite" games you see on iTunes, and a non-restricted version that also included a level editor, and allowed you to tinker with everything the game had.

So yea, I don't remember the name of this game, and Google is not proving to be much help either. All I remember was that "Marble" was part of the title, and I doubt it was called "Marble Madness" since that was the game that Midway made years and years ago, where you tried to navigate a marble through six levels while avoiding hazards, kinda like a precursor to Super Monkey Ball. If anyone wants to lend a hand in hunting down this title from the ashes, please of all things, let me know.

On worser news (worser isn't a real word but who cares) remember SOPA and PIPA? Of course you do, the Internet's personal little devil. Well the devil's devil ACTA is pretty much already devouring the internet with censorship, and it will just make our lives cripple before our own eyes. The only good thing out of this will be that this little stinker will be Lamar Smith's personal hentai, and no one else's, except for Viacom, owners of all those shows on Nickelodeon.

If you're dying to do something about this, allow me to google it for you.

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