Saturday, February 25, 2012

The one fangame you'd like to see but never will

...Well, until I figure out programing and s@it.
If this doesn't look like anything to you, here's the ever-so-popular Kingdom Hearts (stripped of all Disney and non-original characters) crossed with Capcom's well-loved but now suffering series Mega Man. It's an idea I had on me for quite some time (true story) and it follows a fan-created story-line (and as such, is not connected to the main Kingdom Hearts canon).

It's pretty much just a Mega Man clone with Kingdom Hearts characters slapped on it. Here you're seeing a mockup stage select built from Mega Man 6's, but colored violet and with different names (obvious) for the Masters, in this case, eight of the Organization XIII members (my favorite of the characters, tied with Demyx and Axel). The "X" in their names are custom, and so is the "ï" in Saïx's name.

Gameplay wise, it's still identical to Mega Man's, but with some liberties taken with clever level design and enemy/boss programing, similarly to the Mega Man clone I've previously talked about focusing on my own set of characters. I plan to create both games in future years, granted I can find a good team of spriters and programers (yes I plan to assemble a team). Back on topic, it will still feature the weakness system, but will have two different weakness "paths", or otherwise known as "suggested orders"; one that would be taken with Xigbar, Xaldin, Saïx, Marluxia, and Larxene, and the other with Vexen, Axel, and Demyx. I'm going to give every boss clever and/or fast tactics, so you won't find any easy bosses performing like Toad Man that can be taken down with little to no effort at all. They will all utilitize semi-random patterns to keep players on their toes and help with providing real difficulty and challenge.

Enjoy what you get fellas. And if any of you give a flying fluck about Bleach Pac-Man, keep in mind that v1.2 of the hack will be put up (hopefully) in the next few days. I'd say whenever because I can't keep a constant schedule (even if I promised it), so it'll be "when I feel like it".

Next time.

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