Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aozora Jitsuwa update + Pirate Madeline

Hey everyone. I'm back with another couple messages to hopefully keep you occupied for a bit until my next entry. This time it's an important update related to my own series, Aozora Jitsuwa, and a little something about one of my friend's webcomics.

To begin with, I should all tell you what is going to happen with Aozora Jitsuwa. Well, one thing I must mention, is that it will no longer be referred to under that title. Starting today, it will be known as Zora's Adventure. This is so people won't be confused by the use of "Jitsuwa" in the title, and since with the use of Adventure in there instead, it will at least give English readers a better prediction of what it's about. I know it sounds stupid, but I'd rather have a decent title instead of a confusing one. Since the Japanese do probably know of what Jitsuwa means without having to look it up, I'll probably keep a slight variation of the original title (Zora Jitsuwa) when I do decide to bring the series over the Pacific ocean to Japan, although with how much "success" my original series got, they're not even going to bother and even give me one chance to try and show them the true Superjustinbros at work. To correspond to the name change, the main character, Aozora, will from here on out, be known as Zora, so that people who don't know his appearance will not think he is female. And also, the official blog for the series has also recived a name change, and due to this, the main web address it is located at has been moved to zorasadventure.blogspot.com.

The contest based on this series has also concluded. Read my deviantART journal for more information.

So now I thought I should just tell you who came up with these suggestions to improve on my series. Well, the suggester is my good friend and buddy Michael Ingenito, otherwise known as Randommode, who is famous and well known for his Pirate Madeline webcomic, which features fantastic character designs, amazing storylines, and it's just fun to read. Don't believe me? Look into this picture and stare at it's awesomeness and I won't have to describe it any further.
So now that I told you a bit about the Pirate Madeline webcomic, you can read it yourself at the official Pirate Madeline website right over here. Though I must warn you, this comic does have it's share of busty women with bodacious breasts and buttocks, so I wouldn't click that link if you can't stand looking at women with great, beautiful and flexible bodies. But since I like it, I thought some of you would find it enjoyable as well.

Now why am telling you about Pirate Madeline anyways? Well, sometime last week, I actually started a fanclub based on this one heck of a webcomic series over at deviantART (simply because it deeply deserved one for king so much @$$). When the club went live, I made an animated GIF to serve as the main avatar of the club, which caught Michael's eye when he saw it for the first time. Knowing that I had a thing for making animations, he contacted me and asked if I could make two GIFs based on his series, for two different reasons. One was for a Top 100 webcomic ranking page, while the second was for the donate page on the actual Pirate Madeline website. In exchange, Michael would send me three different gifts relating to Pirate Madeline, the first would be a full printed copy of the first two chapters (acts) of the webcomic itself, the second would be a Pirate Madeline poster, and the final gift would be several pins that people would normally get for free when they donate. I had also asked if he could finish up his part of an art trade we did a while back, and if he could design one of the witch characters for Zora's Adventure, which he accepted to do both.

So,... That's it for now. I'll be back should I have anything to talk about.

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Joe said...

Just started on Pirate Madeline. Was a little difficult at first, (most webcomics are,) but if you stick with it seems to be one keeping up with.

I must have missed it, but what is the name of the pirate that looks somewhat like Urd?