Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going on an short Hiatus

As you can see, my gallery is not being updated as much as before because I'm possibly out of good ideas, and I'm lazy and tired. I'm still doing artwork, but the rate and when I'm doing them is dropping slightly as of now. Many of the things I do are now either unfinished, or not submitted onto DA. I'm still active almost the entire day, so I can still respond to anything I receive. While that was happening, I was fooling around with some Rosenkreuzstilette artwork, mainly Steohen2's ecchi drawings of Trauare Wrede and Sichte Meister he did for me last month, as well as the preview images for zaku6's Rosenkreuzstilette Hentai Doujinshi.

I should probably get back to my usual routine once school starts.


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