Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of August news

The Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel online demo is now avavable, so if you got a gaming quality PC, and want to try out the sequel to the best doujin soft game ever, go to this link. (Go here if the link doesn't work.)

And right now, another fanart showcase by me.

This was something I asked Selerine to do, It's good ol' Sichte Meister.
Second, this lineart of Grolla Seyfarth by gux-wrath-the-savior. After I did my own colored version, I then began to mess with this in Photoshop, resulting in many different and sexy results. Here is the original image for you guys to enjoy.

And now we got Luste Teuber as Metal Man from Mega Man 2. Anyone that has played Rosenkreuzstilette knows that her attack patterns are almost like Metal Man. Well, Link0X took that idea and put Luste in Metal Man's armor, and it looks good.

Next up, is this piece of art by Natsumi23. I'm not really sure if it uses a base, but because I can't find the original base on deviantART, I just took it at decided that this must be entirely original. Although I'm positive it does...
Now prepare for something bad. This image that I asked black-shaddow-walker to do is just AWAFUL. Seriously, the colors are not correct, the cape is not designed the way it should be, and the person that did this thinks it's an anime! Everyone knows Rosenkreuzstilette isn't an anime! Well, unless [erka:es] decides to make one :P

And now we saved the best for last, here is sexy teenage Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle done by Yant. This is defiantly the best Rosenkreuzstilette Fanart I have ever seen, and now it's showcased right here, right now! Enjoy guys!

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