Friday, June 12, 2009

New Pics

Plz enjoy.

Hope you like. :)


Letty Whiterock said...

Justin, please keep the drama off of other people's blogs.

Look, I have no problem with you as a person, and while your art has a great deal of improvement to do, I have no problem with your drawings. We were all that age once. The fact of the matter is that you're too passionate.

You're posting comment after comment on these blogs, using them as your personal advertising grounds, almost to the point of spamming. That's now how many of us want to see our comment sections. I personally like things clean and neat, and seeing you triple and quad-post for what amounts to no reason at all is very frustrating. I like you, and I want to see you work hard and improve, but I don't want you driving us all crazy in the process.

That said, spend more time on your art. Don't just scribble and post it. Work more on your technique, and color things like the Spiritia request. Start making things that people will go "Oh wow, that's really good" as opposed to "Justin, I hate you, stop doing this". You may be 15 years old, but you are more than capable of being on the same level of maturity as those who are much older than you. If anything, use this as a learning tool to help you achieve that.

I will be watching and reading this blog. When you reach a level we can all be proud of, I will personally endorse it.

Justin De Lucia said...

Thanks for the comments, Letty. And yea, I'll stop advertising on your blog.

In the meantime, how about a follow?