Monday, June 15, 2009

Last day of School

I'm so happy.
And here Is something I did in school:

Hope everyone has an excellent summer!


Letty Whiterock said...

Justin, 2ch is pretty much leaving you in my hands, so I would like to address something with you.

It has come to my attention that you spend very little time on your work, and, as such, much of what comes out ends up being subject to harsh criticism.

I'll cut to the chase. Your art is terrible, but it is salvageable. Instead of mass-producing just a bunch of random images and crapping up your DeviantArt and pixiv accounts with images that are lackluster, take some time to seriously sit back and work on an image. Do not rush it. Actually work and improve yourself as an artist.

Someone on 2ch pretty much said "His art is awful, but that's okay if he acknowledges it and is actively trying to improve himself." This is what I was trying to get it. Strive to work on one picture that is great and exceptional that will make people go "Oh wow, that's really good", as opposed to 867458967 pictures that make people go "Alright, seriously, enough is enough."

You're better than this. Now, show it.

Justin De Lucia said...

That really upset me. :(
I accendtly e-mailed this image to you.

Justin De Lucia said...

First off, to respond, I rush because I really don't feel like spending too much time on a single image, because, well, I like to get things quickly because I'm impatient. Second, yes, I'm trying to improve, but it will take me a long time before I get good. Third, I only started drawing like this since September, when I started 9th grade. Fourth, now that I'm done with school, I can probably do some half-decent works that at least will get some positive criticism. Fifth, You probably don't like my work for the following reasons:

*Little to no shading
*The Eye design I use
*Not using correct body structure
*Not cleaning up marks when I use Photoshop
*Not using rulers to make straight lines
*No "sketching out" an image before drawing over it

Well, Let me just say this. Letty, You and a bunch of readers of your blog hate my art, but my deviantART account is going well. I am NOT going to delete the 200+ images I have so I can just remake every single one.

*walks away in sorrow, begins to cry*

Letty Whiterock said...

I would not ask you to delete what you currently have. That would be time-consuming and ridiculous.

The reason I dislike your work is because it's not work. You've said yourself that you just rush your stuff, and that just makes it look half-assed, like you don't actually care. Impatience is unacceptable in terms of art, and if you're going to spend no time perfecting your form, then don't flood pixiv with a collection of crappy images, overshadowing the works of the other artists who do spend time and put forth effort with their pieces. It's not fair to them, and it ends up just looking like spam. Do you want that?

If this hurts your feelings, then your feelings need to be hurt. Otherwise, you'll never learn. Calm down, take some time, and practice.

Justin De Lucia said...

Allright. Thanks.

Justin De Lucia said...

Oh one more thing: I don't rush on ALL my pictures.