Saturday, January 27, 2018

SJB Art Archives 2007-2009, Volume 1

Well, you probably weren't expecting something like this, but here's a few previously unshared things from 2007 to 2009 that I've drawn traditionally. Keep in mind this is everything I could bother digging up out of storage and post, so if I do decide to do some more digging through my stash (there are a few things that I'd love to share, especially from mid-2008), I'll post it here.

Without further ado, the link:
Yup, this is a link alright.
(Warning, most of these will be admittedly pretty crappy, please understand)

Here you'll find things like KND-era Super Justin, "Anime" Super Justin, some entries from the original run of my comic Comedy Man, and other miscellaneous draws. And don't worry, I left out the really cringey stuff.

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